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Riviera Beach MM 1017
11/28/2011, Riviera Beach, Fla

Anchored on south side of Peanut Island. This island was used by JFK during the Cold War as a fallout shelter when he was staying at the Kennedy Compound in West Palm Beach.

Back in the Saddle Again
11/24/2011, Manatee Pocket

My dear friend Ron met me up in Ft. Pierce on Tuesday and did the last 20 miles to Stuart. Local knowledge prevails..... Got the boat anchored in Manatee Pocket where I will spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Ron, Joyce and Michael. Always nice to be with good friends if you can't be with family.
Of course I get to shower in something that isn't moving, do my laundry in one of them automatic machines and possibly fall asleep watching a football game.
Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Ft. Pierce MM 965
11/21/2011, Ft. Pierce, Fla

Almost there.......The plan is to pick up fuel in the morning and Ron hopefully. Ron will be doing the last 20 miles to Manatee Pocket. I'll get a chance to sit back and relax while he drives the boat.

11/21/2011 | Ron Mariano
I will be there for sure! Consider me the Martin County Pilot.
11/21/2011 | alan
I get nervous when I hear people say that... how's your mojo lately....:)
11/22/2011 | Don
Hey Ron - did you ever mention hitting bottom coming back from fishing when we were out? ;o)

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