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Miami MM 1089
12/02/2011, Miami Beach

Finally sailed today a nice 18 - 23 kts from the E NE.... nice day. A little cloudy but the sail was nice and relaxing. The trip out of Port Everglades was interesting. I buried the anchor a few times. Too much East in the wind and it was not quite slack tide (too much current going out).

A little Over the Top
12/01/2011, Ft. Yachterdale

Sorry about the pun....I would say this is a little ostentatious even for South Florida. The name of the boat is.... guess..... Phoenix.
I would have gotten the helicopter instead.

12/02/2011 | Don
I'm sure it's actually an anchor...
12/02/2011 | alan phillips
No, I am sure it's just a hood ornament..... you can see the anchor in the lower right of picture.
12/02/2011 | Ron Mariano
Burger and Beer...a South Beach must do! You're about 10 min. away from the place on 18th St. Great Place...but be "the Beach"!
12/02/2011 | alan phillips
OK, 1st thing tomorrow morning.... should I wear my beach attire?
12/02/2011 | Paul
That bird would be an awesome anchor. A little more beak, and wings angled up, she would dig in nicely.
12/02/2011 | Ron
Like everything in South Beach it's where the "beautiful people" hang. GREAT food though.'s the only place in FL that I've found Moosehead!
Ft. Lauderdale MM 1065
11/30/2011, Lake Sylvia, Fla.

Anchored in Lake Sylvia near Port Everglades. Just around the corner from Bahia Mar Marina.... too rich for my blood. Light NW wind today motor sailed the 58 miles to Ft. Lauderdale from Palm Beach.

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