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Nassau Update
12/23/2011, Nassau

The week went fast. Spent a day searching for a new VHF antenna and some cable. Not to be found on this island. Ended up hiring an agent in Florida to gather the items and send them here. Too bad he didn't put my cruising permit number on the package, because it cost me 45 % duty. After two trips across the island to locate the package, I finally got my parts.l What a waste of 3 days. But the radio works.
Leaving for parts south on Saturday. Probably Shroud Cay then Staniel on the way to Georgetown.
Anchoring here is a mess. The tide trumps 23 knots of wind. Boats lying stern to the wind. Boats drifting around their chain. Spent one who night fending off boats. No one wanted to move. Was hit a few times by one boat. I went over to them in the morning and told them, "if we have to meet again at 2 in the morning, I drink Rum and diet coke". They moved. Must not have any rum on board.
Hope you all have a happy, safe and peaceful holiday.

12/23/2011 | Ron
Safe travels Al. And happy holidays to you! We fly north in the morning.
Weekend in Nassau
12/18/2011, New Providence, Bahamas

Arrived in Nassau on Saturday, fueled up (at 5.20 a gallon) and anchored in the harbor. Out my front door is the Atlantis Resort.
Not much going on, trying to get back into the swing of civilization after being in the Berry's for a week. Laundry got done this morning and defrosted the freezer last night (hey that's boat maintenance too). Nothing is open here on Sunday's so I walked into town this afternoon and had a chance to watch the Royal Bahamas Polices Force Xmas Beat Retreat. Check out the pictures in this link
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Was pretty cool to watch.
Tomorrow it's off to find parts to execute Plan B with the VHF before I head south on Tuesday (weather dependent of course) and do some provisioning.
Right now it's blowing like stink again. The anchorage filled up today as there was a major crossing from Florida over the weekend. If you didn't cross on the 7th as I did, you got stuck there until yesterday.
I hope all those new boats parked next to me now, realize that at 2 am when it's blowing 25+... as forecast, that I was here first!

12/19/2011 | chuck
Happy Birthday Brother!
12/22/2011 | Scott Kuhner
Alan, If you get this before you leave Nassau, go to the Ashram just down from Atlantis on Paradise Island. The food is great. It is cheap and it will remind you of the 60s and 70s. We went last year with a friend and loved it. Otherwise have a good trip south and don't forget Wardrick Wells.
Getting ready to move again
12/16/2011, Cabbage Cay, Berry Islands

Well it was nice to have a few days of rest. I have been here since last Sunday. I've been on the move almost every day since the last week in October. So the R&R was nice. I got a chance to clean up a little but, move some things around and of course fix a few things. The latest thing to misperform is the VHF radio. The range is only about 5 miles. Did some testing as I carry a SWR meter and a 50 OHM dummy load. I went up the mast today and the connections were wet and cruddy, so the cable is probably shot. The FWD power is less then 12 watts up there. I cleaned up the connections and put some dielectric grease on them. Not much else I can do here in the middle of no where. While I was up there, I could actually see the end of the world from there.......and I thought it was in Deltaville So anyhow, I move UNABATED back across the sand bar today at high tide. Now I won't have to wait until 12:33 pm tomorrow to do it. It would have been too late to leave for Nassau by then. Now I can leave at first light. It's only 35 miles, but no one has been able to travel the last 5 days and I am sure everyone will be tomorrow. So I figure I need to get there early and find a good place to anchor. Today has been the first calm day since I got to the Bahamas. It's been blowing out of the East at close to 20 or 20+ knots everyday, all day with gusts to 28+. Seems kind of weird not to hear anything out there. While in Nassau, I'll do some provisioning, fuel up before heading south and try to figure out what plan B is for the VHF... Thinking duct tape and a new cable up the side of the Mizzen and put an antenna on the spreader. I'll let you know.

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