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Georgetown Update

Well, it's been an interesting 2 weeks since I arrived in Georgetown. It's not hard to get into the routine here.
Weather at 0630 on SSB,
Cruisers Net at 0800.
Yoga at 0845 3 days a week (I do Yoga).
Volleyball at 1400 (although I don't play),
Beer at the Chat and Chill at 1600,
Lights out by 2100

Had a nice New Years Ever party on the beach. Attended by many of the boaters. We celebrated midnight on Azores time (10 pm local) because no one wanted to, or could, stay up that late.

My batteries started giving me problems again after I left Nassau (of course) so when I got to Georgetown I had to search out and procure a new set of batteries. Not an easy task here by any stretch of the imagination. Plus I decided to tie my two battery banks together, so I had to hitchhike up and down the island to find suitable cables and terminals. Hitchhiking here is easy, you don't even have to put your thumb out, people just see you walking and offer you a ride. I was able to get 4 batteries shipped from Nassau on the fast ferry (theirs works) and get them installed on the boat. I also found an issue with the alternator currently in use and had to run a ground wire to the engine block. So those issues have been resolved.
Once my kidney has been sold on E-Bay I'll be able to pay for them.
So, while I was charging the new batteries and making water, I started cleaning up the battery mess. All of sudden the generator stopped running. Looking up from the galley, there was a large plume of smoke bellowing up. It actually took my breath away. Without going into all the boring details, I now have to rewire the generator. I might have that running again by Wednesday.
Enough for now..... off to Beach Church, where my Buddy Boat pal Bill leads the Choir. (2 violins, keyboard, guitar and 6 singers)

01/08/2012 | Bob Stuke
I will be down there in a few weeks to go on a Church group eco kayak trip. Hoping for good calm weather!
Georgetown...... finally
12/28/2011, Elizabeth Harbor, Great Exuma

I left Galliot cut this morning and SAILED THE WHOLE WAY right into Elizabeth Harbor 40.5 miles.......

66 days after leaving Deltaville Virginia I finally made it to Georgetown.
1430 miles traveled
237 engine hours
59 nights of anchoring,
5 days of marina's,
2 passages longer than 23 hours,
countless hours of motoring on the ICW,
64 sleepless nights (two good nights of sleeping at Ron and Joyces)

I don't have to get up in the morning to listen to the weather.
I don't have to get up in the morning to raise the anchor

I do however have to get up to fix a pump on the water maker
to fix a few leaks
to clean off what looks like a salt shaker (the boat)
to mount the VHF antenna (duck taped on now)
clean the rust off the stainless
change the oil and filter
figure out why my batteries are not charging again
figure out why the AIS does not work

So, I guess I am here for awhile before I can get back out there....... bummer!!

12/29/2011 | Ron
Sounds like a fine place to be doing a few projects. Congrats on the trip. That's a big solo. I'm impressed!
12/31/2011 | Chuck
Happy New Year
01/04/2012 | Don
Hey - have a Kalik at the Chat n Chill for me and say hi to Elvis!
Galliot Cay
12/28/2011, Galliot Cay, Central Exumas

I left Black Point yesterday and moved to Galliot Cay. This will set us up for leaving Galliot Cut on to Exuma Sound to take advantage of the predicted SW winds.
I had to go up Charisma's mizzen mast yesterday to unwrap about 40 feet of antenna wire from around his wind generator.
Musha Cay is just around the corner from here and is where I am getting my WiFi signal. The island and a few others are owned by David Copperfield. You should Goggle Musha Cay and make reservations for a few nights stay on your next vacations. I hear it's pretty nice. (or try this link Your text to link...) Rates start at 37,500 a day for up to 12 guests (no the comma is in the right place. Check it out.
Should be in Georgetown by this afternoon.

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