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Deans Blue Hole
01/19/2012, Long Island

Rented a car today along with 2 other boats to do some site seeing on the island. The must see here is Deans Blue hole. This blue hole is the deepest in the world, where is suddenly plunges to a depth of 663 feet. Pretty amazing place. Pictures when I get a connection that can handle pictures. sent via SSB

01/21/2012 | Chuck
good place to rent some gear and see it under the waves
01/22/2012 | Don
Looks just like Durand Beach yesterday....
Long Island
01/19/2012, Thompson Bay

I left Georgetown this morning to explore some of the out islands. Uneventful motor sail to Long Island 34 miles away.

Still in GT
01/12/2012, Elizabeth Harbour

I finally got the generator running again, at least enough to make water. Every piece of wire on it had to be replaced. The alternator on it is shot though.
I emptied the on deck fuel cans into the main tank (25 gallons) and dinghyed into town to refill them. Diesel here is 5.65 a gallon.
Today being Thursday I went to Yoga in the morning and I started playing volleyball in the afternoons. I am sure I'll be sore in the morning, although doing Yoga for a few weeks before starting volleyball should help some.
I'll be leaving in a few days, as soon the front comes though over the weekend, to go south for a few weeks. I'll be retuning in the end of Feb for my HAM exam and the Cruising Regatta.

01/13/2012 | MOM
Weather Report:
Heavy Snow and very windy

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