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FAQ's from Flamingo Cay
01/25/2012, Flamingo Cay, The Jumentos

Don K writes: Looks very cool... a Caribbean Main Duck. In perspective - you do not have to be nearly as self sufficient there as halfway between Bermuda and New England! My Response: So true, Just other kinds of things to worry about. Anchor draggings and coral heads. Not a lot of protection here. Open to everything but the East. Need to watch weather carefully on a daily basis. SSB 4045 at 6:30. Winds have been East 18 to 22 for the past 3 days. Kind of rolly between the so called Islands.... Rocks really with some scrub brush on them. I saw one boat today. A change from Georgetown where there will probably be 300 by the time I get back and 400 for Regatta..... Nothing like sanding teak naked.....and Lady Gaga cranked up... TMI I know

01/25/2012 | Paul
Naked sanding.....I can't unsee that :(
01/26/2012 | mike
Like Main Duck... are there snakes there?
Oh yeah, the water around main duck never gets above 70 DEGF, how about there?
A Little Adventure
01/24/2012, Water Cay, The Jumentos

I spent the weekend in Long Island. One of the resorts there was open for the AFC Championship game. There was about 20 boats in the harbor and I think just about everyone was watching the game. Must be tuff to lose because of a field goal attempt kicked wide.... Last night I was invited for dinner by Pam and Olie on Dejarlo along with Conrad and Sally from It's About Time. It was a wonderful evening meeting new friends and a very well prepared meal. Table cloth and napkin rings....

A lot of the boats headed back to Georgetown this morning. I felt I needed some adventure so I took off for the Jumentos and Ragged Islands. This is what the Explorer Charts have to say: " Self reliance is essential in the Ragged Islands. Go with plenty of food and water, fuel, medicines and weather reporting equipment. Be certain that your crew has the competence and navigation skills before you travel to this remote area". "Little dots on a large scale chart - that's makes up the Ragged Island chain. The Ragged Islands are not just more southerly Exumas but rather unpopulated wilderness with only one tiny settlement, closer to Cuba than to Georgetown" OK then..... I'll let you know. Right now there is only me here and a small Bahamian fishing boat cleaning their catch. I am waiting for the sharks..... I guess I am not going to dive my anchor this afternoon. It'll be just fine!

Deans Blue Hole
01/19/2012, Long Island

Rented a car today along with 2 other boats to do some site seeing on the island. The must see here is Deans Blue hole. This blue hole is the deepest in the world, where is suddenly plunges to a depth of 663 feet. Pretty amazing place. Pictures when I get a connection that can handle pictures. sent via SSB

01/21/2012 | Chuck
good place to rent some gear and see it under the waves
01/22/2012 | Don
Looks just like Durand Beach yesterday....

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