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Last Days in GT
03/17/2012, Stocking Island, Great Exuma

I spent my last few days in Georgetown getting the boat shipshape again for travel. I tend to spread out when I am in one spot for more than a day (and I was here for too many days) so I had a lot of ship shaping to do. I think I finally fixed the leak over my bunk. But then I thought I had fixed it back in December. Realizing that it had not rained since December which is why it hadn't leaked until it rained here for a few days this week, I thought I would give it another try. We'll see. Also repaired my AIS which I thought would come in handy in the next couple of months.
I had to say goodbye to all the friends I had made here especially the folks I played volleyball with everyday.
Saturday night was the Bahamas Heritage and Music Festival in town. Quite an event which had all types of Bahamian cooking and Music including a Junkanoo Marching Band. It was too bad the music started so late..... as usual here.

Tomorrow I off to explore the Abacos in the Northen Bahamas.

2nd Place

UNABATED received a 2nd place trophy and flag

When Clothes Pins Don't Work

It's now Friday and the wind has been blowing since early Monday 1 am if you read the last post. I never thought I'd hear people glad to see 25 knots of wind. The wind had finally moderated enough to get off the boat for a while. On Tuesday while below making lunch, I felt the boat heal over, far over. I knew right away I was in trouble... running though the nav station, turning on the auto pilot and coming into the cockpit... seeing the neighborhood pass me by.... I had strung my laundry up just minutes before. I quickly untied the clothes line, started the engine and tried to power up into the wind. The wind was gusting to 36 knots by that time. I tried calling on the VHF to alert the anchorage that I was dragging... but the circuit breaker popped for the Nav/Comm systems. I quickly grabbed the portable radio. By that time the boat next to me had come over and dropped one of their crew over to help. Powering up into the wind repeatedly, we were able to retrieve the anchor and get out into the open harbor where I was less likely to hit anyone. I was kind of boxed in between 4 other boats. I was not relishing the thought of playing ping pong with my boat. I was able to re-anchor in another spot.... and take my nitro....WOW.... heart be still. So, the wind is down to a nice steady 22 this morning and everyone will probably be heading to the will be nice to get off the boat for a few hours.

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