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Rock Sound
03/25/2012, Eleuthera

I left the Exuma chain yesterday morning at 0745 out of Big Rock Cut and crossed over to the island of Eluthera. Anchor down at 1920 (7:20 pm) just at sunset. A total of 59 miles of which I was able to sail 48 of them....The wind started out at about 12 -14 out of the East and slowly eased off to about 9 from the SE.
Oh.... and I caught a fish.....
I will go exploring later. There is a Blue Hole in the center of town.

Everyday while underway, I try to check into Cruiseheimers, a SSB net, to let people know where I am and where I am heading (someone should know). Today while listening, there was a report of a boat, PEPA II, that had sunk off of Cave Cay. Both persons were rescued and are safe. Goron and Barb are people that I played volleyball with while in Georgetown. Such sad news to hear of the loss of their home, but glad they are safe. Makes you think...

03/26/2012 | Ron Mariano
Mahi sandwich for lunch!
03/26/2012 | alan phillips
and dinner.... and late night snack....
03/29/2012 | Mike
and mahi pasta and mahi and rice and ...
Staniel Cay
03/23/2012, anchored off Pig Beach

Spent a few restful days at Black Point before moving the 8.5 miles to Staniel Cay, home of Pig Beach and Thunderball Cave.
I'll be leaving in the morning to cross the 40 miles of Exuma Sound to Rock Sound on the Island of Eluthera. Should be a nice day to cross. Winds are down to 15 knots and sea have subsided to less and thsn 4 feet.

On the Road Again
03/18/2012, Black Point

I left Georgetown this morning for my trek north. I pulled up my anchor and headed out to Exuma Sound to Black Point about 45 miles to the north. The wind, waves and swell were a little more than forecast which made for a quick but somewhat bumpy ride. After being at anchor for so long it became apparent what "stuff" i failed to put away. It was what some people would call "downright sporty". This afternoon's excitement came in form of a squall that decided to hit about a mile before my exit from the Sound onto the Exuma Bank through Galliot Cut. I had timed this cut to be at slack tide or at least on the flood tide. (going though cuts with strong opposing wind and tide is also downright sporty if not foolhardy). I already had a reef in the main but after hearing some of the boats behind me warning of gusts to 40 knots, I decided to put in my rarely used 2nd reef. Making it though the cut and on to the other side was a welcome relief. The wind never materialized more than 23 knt, which was fine by me.
A beautiful sail up the banks (which averages 7 to 10 feet deep) on a nice beam reach with 19 knts of wind and NO WAVES.... I am now anchored in Black Point where I will be waiting for a window to head back out to cross the Sound to Eleuthera.

03/19/2012 | Ron Mariano
Safe travels Al!

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