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Nothing good to eat

i would not even let this one in the boat.....

03/30/2012 | Ron Mariano
Good call. They tend to have a rather unpleasent disposition...and a lot of teeth.
Hatchet Bay Cut

The entrance to Hatchet Bay from the inside looking out.

Hatchet Bay
03/29/2012, Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

I had a romping great sail yesterday from Rock Sound to Hatchet Bay.
Over 40 miles of a beam reach at over 7.5 knots hitting 8.3 at times.
I lost a lower batten on my main while taking the sail down.
The entrance into Hatchet Bay is a 90 foot wide cut that was blasted out of shear rock. With a very choppy sea and a lot of wind, it was a thrilling experience to get lined up and make my way in there.
Moving on to Spanish Wells today. The timing of this leg is important as I have to go though Current Cut. The opposing tide will cause a 10 knot counter current. So it is important to time the passage at slack tide or ebbing tide (going east to west).
The wind forecast for the next 5 or 6 days is all less then 10 closer to 5-8.

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