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Spanish Wells

A very long slow day yesterday from Hatchet Bay to Spanish Wells. There was some confusion as to whether the tide at Current Cut was AT the same time as Nassau or after. Turns out to be later than Nassau buy about one and a half to two hours. I ended up drifting for about 2 hours before entering the cut to go though after 2 PM rather than at 12. By then there was only a 2.5 knot counter current. It can be as high as ten knots. It's worth the wait to do it at the right time.
I am now in Spanish Wells. On a mooring no less. No place close to town to anchor. This is the first time I have been tied to anything but my anchor overnight since Deatons in North Caroline back in November. Picking up a mooring by yourself it always a pleasant experience,
So, Spanish Wells... there are not many cruising boats here. Kinda strange since there are great many boats heading north and every anchorage I have been in so far has had at least 2 dozen boats. Well, I found out why last night. IT"S A DRY TOWN.
NO BARS.....the cruising guide said nothing about that. Spanish Wells, it a working commercial fishing town, Not a tourist place. Predominantly a white community. It's a well maintained, clean and colorful (houses painted) town.
There are cars here but mostly everyone zooms around in golf carts. Hundreds of them.... and I do mean zoom. And they drive them on the left hand side.....
The forecast for the next several days will be like yesterday, either winds less then 10 or L&V.

03/30/2012 | Jim P
dry? bummer. But you were wise to leave the 'cuda to the sea. I've been loving your blog. Travel safely.
See you in Oriental later?
Nothing good to eat

i would not even let this one in the boat.....

03/30/2012 | Ron Mariano
Good call. They tend to have a rather unpleasent disposition...and a lot of teeth.
Hatchet Bay Cut

The entrance to Hatchet Bay from the inside looking out.

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