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Great Guana Cay
04/11/2012, Abacos, Bahamas

Great Guana Cay has been continuously inhabited since the 1770's by the Bahamian version of indigenous peoples - the loyalists. When Europeans first visited the Abacos, there were indigenous people on these outer cays. The men and women of the Abaco out-islands were the farthest extension of the human migration - the Lucayans who fished and foraged on cays like Green Turtle, Manjack Cay and Great Guana Cay were the descendents of people who before them came from islands further south in the Caribbean - their ancestors - the mouth of the Amazon, Brazil's rivers, Mexico, Colorado, British Columbia, Alaska, Mongolia. But the Spanish wiped these people off the face of the Earth.

When the loyalists, Americans loyal to the British Queen, escaped places like Florida and New York before imminent war in 1776, Abaco was settled only by a handful of Spanish, British and French castaways.

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Man-O-War Cay
04/11/2012, Abaco

Capital of The Bahamas' boat-building industry for almost 200 years, Man 'O War is the most water-oriented Cay in The Abacos. As a matter of fact, some boats are still totally handmade (without plans of any kind!). Whether viewed from the water or a quiet little street (no cars are allowed on this island - carts are the only permitted form of transport), its easy to see the Cays' sea-going heritage in the well-kept homes' numerous "Widow's Walks" and the wide range of nautically-oriented shops and stores lining Man 'O War's waterfront and harbour. Man 'O War is also the home of some of the finest canvas products to be found anywhere.

Man-O-War is also a DRY Island...... like Spanish Wells.
The bank is only open 10 to 2 on Wednesday with no ATM.

Marsh Harbor
04/04/2012, Marsh Harbor

Marsh Harbor is America brought to the Bahamas. Center of the various charter fleets operating in the Abacos. Devoid of any Bahamian flavor,
if you want American music, American food and American style service, this is the place.
Great water taxi service to the many out lslands in the Abacos.
Diesel is 5.90 and Gasoline is 6.30 a gallon. Water 25 cents a gallon.

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