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New York City
05/06/2012, The Big Apple

Arrived at the 79th Street Boat Basin at 6 P.M. on Thursday. While I was in NY I had my finger x-rayed. It is just a bad dislocation. The reason I was given for it just flopping around when I tried to put it back in place, was the ligaments were all torn. So, he taped it back up like I had it and sent me on my way.

Offshore update, Beaufort to NYC
05/02/2012, Off the coast of Maryland

After spending 2 days in Beaufort N.C. waiting on weather I was itchy to get moving again. We we able to sail out of Beaufort and aroundCape Hatteras with little problem but very quickly the wind died (of course). We have been motor sailing and motoring and light air drifting for the last 16 hours. The motor is again on, We had the spinnaker up for awhile until the darn thing got wrapped around the forestay. In trying to untangle it, I think I may have either dislocated my right pinky finger or broke it at the 2nd knuckle in from the end. Every time I tried to put it back into place, it just kept flopping around. So that may be the case for it being broken. Anyhow, I have it taped to the finger next it to keep the movement down. At the time we were 60 miles from the entrance to the Chesapeake. I decided to press on to NYC. I'll probably have it looked at there. Oh well, there goes my perfect safety record of no stitches, no broken bones on my last two cruises. Although I have cut myself many times and bleed like a stuck pig.... none required stitches or splints. NYC by Thursday afternoon. cheers

05/03/2012 | Jim P
Ouch! Those small injuries seem to be the most aggravating. Good news is that, once you can see a professional, they will probably tape it for you. For a fee.
Good luck.
Beaufort NC
04/28/2012, Beaufort NC

We arrived in Beaufort, North Carolina exactly 3 days and 15 minutes after leaving Fort Pierce Fla. Distance was 438 miles. We motored the first 10 hours to get out to the Gulf Stream and the last 15 hours due to lack of wind. Overall not too bad. Only a broken main sheet block and a broken striker plate to the door in the head???
Awaiting weather early next week before we depart for NYC. Probably late Monday or early Tuesday.

05/01/2012 | Carolina
Hi everybody!! I hope you had a good day today!Im looking forward for you to arrive in NY!
05/02/2012 | Fabiola
Soy la hermana de Lola. Se que habéis tenido problemas espero q se hayan solucionado. Cuidad a mi hermana q solo tengo una. Besos. Buen viaje
05/03/2012 | Cristina
You are nealy arriving to NY, exciting!! I can't wait to know all the adventures that my mum went thought. I hope you all had a great trip. Tengo muchas ganas de verte!!! Tqm.

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