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Vagrant Gipsy
07/21/2008, I.C.W.

Cruising on Haul-Over Canal north on the I.C.W.

07/21/2008, Haul-Over Canal, I.C.W.

People fishing along the Canal on the I.C.W. near New Smyrna Beach, FL.

07/21/2008, I.C.W. Daytona Beach, FL

Pic of Rowing Team practicing for a race later in the day on the I.C.W.

07/21/2008, I.C.W.

Skip enjoying a sunset as we travel north on the I.C.W.l

Susan'b Blog & Photo
95 degrees
07/21/2008, St. Augustine, Florida

Skip & Yogi meeting one another Yogi's first day on Vagrant Gipsy

Ahoy Mates,

First Mate Yogi and newly promoted Commador Susan are now aboard the Vagrant Gipsy and headed north as Captain Skip steers our course and mans the helm to St. Augustine, FL. Yogi and I met Skip in St. Augustine Sunday evening at the Oyster Creek Marina where we will call home for the next few months. We left our Van which I drove down from TN parked at the marina and the three of us headed out Monday a.m. in the rental car for Stuart. Yogi was introduced to Vagrant Gipsy and so far he is doing great. No overboard plunges yet! I was in awe of all the work Skip had accomplished on the boat while I was in TN. The banisters are all in place glistening with fresh white paint, the cap rails are beautiful and shine like a mirrow with their 8 coats of varnish. The deck has been completely painted with non-skid paint and is it ever nice. Tuesday a.m. we head to the local marina to purchase fuel for Gipsy and began our way north up the I.C.W. For the next three days we motored all day and anchored off the channel in the evenings. Thursday we were at Cocoa Beach at marina and plugged into air conditioning, wi-fi, shopping, lattes and pizza. We had a lot of fun seeing the S.F. Travis Hardware Store of Cocoa Beach some 4 buildings of it and walking around the unqiue little village with all its charm and sophistication. Yogi even got to go to the doggy park for a walk and ate pizza with us outside the little general store located nearby. Skip had his first Americano at a Coffee bar and now we know for sure we must have an expresso maker! It was my good fortune to meet a fellow cruiser who was advertising his wife's rare and unusual sea glass jewelry for sale at one of the local boutiques in the village a lovely jewel of a place called Cocoas. Since George Town I had been hoping to find some cobalt blue sea glass on our travels. It is a rare color to find and most of the jewelry makers that are cruisers sell out of it first. For those of you who don't know what sea glass is I will try and explain what I know about it. When bottles and glass of any kind are thrown out to sea or go down with the ship, the glass eventually washes ashore. Its weathered and broken form is collected along the sea shores especially in the Bahamas. These pieces of glass are taken and cleaned and buffed and various artisans make earrings, pendants, braclets and pins out of it. A lot of people collect sea glass. It is a true treasure from the sea. The more cloudy in color the glass is the older it is which makes it more valuable. I found a pair of cobalt blue earrings (the only ones in the collection) and couldn't resist to buy them. I have one more treasure to add to my sea collection and enjoy wearing too! The Captain says we should be in St. Augustine by Sunday afternoon. We are taking our time enjoying the I.C.W. It is a unique adventure in itself and I am taking lots of pictures to show you. Enjoy!

Photo of the Parthenon
07/10/2008, Nashville, TN

Pic of exact replica of the orginal Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

07/18/2008 | Becky
Hey, Skip & Susan:

It is so nice to keep up with you this way; thanks for taking the time to write and post pictures for us! Stay healthy and happy, and we'll talk soon.

Love, Becky

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