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Puerto Escondido
Murray/ sunny and hot
08/11/2009, Loreto, BCS, MX

We have arrived at Puerto Escondito our first stop with internet and services. So far we have lost our inflatable dingy in Playa Pichelingue in an overnite thunder storm, which is going to really suck. The painter that was attached to the frount of the dingy broke in some high winds in the middle of the nite. By the time we discovered it, it was out to sea and gone. Now all we have to get ashore is the Porte a Bote which has to be disassembled or towed both of which is a pain in the ass. We have had some glorious down wind sailing. We were able to sail 38 miles under the spinnaker alone at over 6 knots. Next stop Puerto Ballandra on Isla Carmen and then on to San Juanico. LOL murraky and cindy

At last we are leave La Paz
Murray/ sunny and hot
08/05/2009, La Paz BCS Mexico

We are finally finished with most of the chores and are headed to the North
Sea of Cortez. We have installed the solar cells and the new refrigerator, freezer, and they have finished the cockpit enclosure. The bottom is clean and the sails are hanked. The only thing left to do is cut the dock lines. The weather has been hot and dry the sun, it's sunny every day and the breeze is mild. I have included a couple pictures of the boat and a couple of the best bartenders in La Paz, Barbra and Salvatore. Will write again when we hit an internet cafe.

Back in La Paz
Murray, sunny 95d / 8kts
07/04/2009, Costa Baja, La Paz, BCS MX

We are back in La Paz after spending 7 busy weeks in the States. We went to Seattle, Sandpoint, Idaho, and San Luis Obispo for HS granduations and a visit with friends and family. Our trip went well and our return brought needed supplies and replacement/ upgrade parts. We replaced our refrigerator, it was 24 years old and added a separate freezer. 240 Watts of added solar cells, a additional water filter system as our current tank has a smell and taste we haven't been able to remove. We are currently working with Snug Harbor Sails on a new bimini cover and solar screens for the cockpit. Hopefully we will have them completed in a couple of weeks as the huricane season is well under way. If we were to sit out a storm in the South Sea, here in Costa Baja would be my first choice. Our intentions are to spend the summer in the North Sea

Time with Friends
04/18/2009, La Paz, Mexico

Good times spent with good friends!! We had a month of fun filled times with some good friends. The first to show up was Charles & Linda. We went snorkeling and fishing and had a great time. The second batch to show up was the Neil family. They arrive about three days before Charles and Linda left. Had great time playing and drinking with them. The third couple to show up was Bubba and Virginia who arrived while the Neil's were still in town. We all went out on the boat for a day and snorkeled and played around in the water. After the Neil's left, we went to Los Barrilies for a few days. There is a marine park between Los Barrilies and Frailies that we spent some time at. Lot's of fun snorkeling and playing in the water. The last one to arrive in a week will be Scott Peters. Who knows what trouble he and Murray will get into while he is here.

New Adventure,Guymas in puddle jumper
mno, sunny 80* nw breeze

We are returning to San Carlos/Guymas today by air to retrieve our car and trailer. It is the same money to fly on a little puddle jumper (Aero Califia) as to take the Ferry. I will have an oportunity to take the ferry on the way back with the car. The Ferry travels between La Paz and Topolobompo, I haven't been to Topolobompo but have looked down on it from my perch on Google earth and have admired the beautiful estuary and waters around the area. It is located almost half way between San Carlos and Mazatlan but is seen very seldom by cruisers, a mystery I plan to solve soon. Photos will be taken and posted. See Ya. m&c

Journey to La Paz
Murray & Cindy
03/13/2009, Marina Costa Baja, La Paz

We made the crossing from San Carlos to San Juanico easily. We motored most of the way as there wasn't much wind. We left at midnight so we were navigating with the stars, unfortunately there was no moon. We ended up with a stow-a-way! A cricket that had been hanging around for a few days before we left decided to go with us. It was kind of nice hearing him for a while in the evening. Our first day in San Juanico was a work day. We had a few projects we wanted to do and naturally everything takes three times as long on a boat. But to celebrate our crossing, we opened up a treasured bottle of wine from San Luis Obispo and bbq'd a steak. We stayed an extra day in San Juanico so we could snorkel and relax. Murray dove for some Chocolate Clams. They are larger than a butter clam and the best part is you don't need to purge them. The following day we went to Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante. It wasn't much of a honeymoon. The anchorage was fairly tight so we put out a stern line. At least there wasn't any wind so we didn't swing around at all. About an hour after anchoring the bees showed up. The cockpit looked like it was being attacked - so below we went. Also, there was a power boat that came in and came right next to us and then left. We felt a little suspicious about it so slept with one ear and eye open. The following morning the bees were still hanging around and Murray was in such a big hurray to make coffee he went outside with no pants on to change the propane tank over. The bees were buzzing around a full moon! Our next stop was Puerto Los Gatos. This was the first time we have been in this anchorage. It is gorgeous with its red rock formations and nice beach. We stayed an extra day and played. We got the hooka rig out and went snorkeling. That was my first time using it. It was pretty cool getting to float around looking at all the fishes and not having to worry about how much air I needed to suck in. I'm not very brave when it comes to being in the water so between the wet suit keeping me afloat and the air being pumped in it wasn't too bad. Our next stop was to Isla San Francisco. This is one of our favorite places. We were in the process of bbq'ing some steaks when a pod of dolphins came in to feast on some bait fish that had been hanging around. That was pretty cool to watch but Murray almost burnt our steaks! We stayed a day to play on the beach and go snorkeling. There was a bunch of beautiful fish around the rocky reefs at the entrance to the bay. A group of kayakers showed up and camped on the beach. They had put in at Loreto and were headed for La Paz - that is approximately 125nm! It was actually going to be longer because they had paddled out to a few islands along the way. They stopped by looking for water - so we filled up all there bottles for them. We had to run the engine for a bit to make some water for them. We woke up the following morning to "RAIN"!! We couldn't believe it! So, with a cup of coffee under our belts we braved the rain and headed out. As far as sea life goes, the trip from Isla San Francisco to La Paz was the best. We saw a huge mantaray jump, a huge pod of dolphins and some pilot whales! We got videos of the dolphins and the pilot whales, so I hope everyone will be able to view them. If not, let me know and I will email them to you. Our trip was way to quick. The plan was to get into La Paz with enough time to fly back to San Carlos - grab our Jeep and then take the ferry from Topolobumpo (approx 200 miles south of San Carlos) to La Paz before March 20. We have some friends showing up on March 24. That's it for now. We will post an update of our play time with some friends showing up for the next three weeks.

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