Valiam goes Sailing around the World
including our recent Caribbean to Mediterranean Interlude on Lati
Lati's first anchorage with her new crew
03/04/2012, Christmas Cove, St James

Beautiful water - Lee and Linda taken by Bill half way up the mast

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16/02/2014 | Wayne Stocks
Loved reading your blog as I am from Primrose Sands and been here since 1990
16/02/2014 | Linda
Hi Wayne - Primrose Sands is close to our heart. Did you see we anchored right outside our old shack on Susan Bay rd end of January 2013?
Lati sails away
03/04/2012, on the way to St Thomas

Lati's beautiful old geniker - AND she reached 6 knots!

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Lati leaves Coral Bay as an Aussie!
03/04/2012, Coral Bay USVI

She's an Aussie now!

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Lati is ready for her first sail
18 20.61'N:64 42.83'W
29/03/2012, St John, USVI

29 March
Manatee, Coral Bay
Lati is ready for her first sail
The sails are ready. The crew is ready. But the forecast for today was 20 knots and thunderstorms. 'No'says Linda. 'No'says Capt Bill/Underpants. Lee and Linda look up the weather again and it is less windy tomorrow and on the weekend. Up to 15 knots from the East. So we wait. No point in buying ice and cold drinks until just before we leave. Then we raise the Ozzie flag, the Virgin Islands coutesy flag, sing something appropriate, unhook the mooring and dodge the boats in the harbour as the Captain skillfully manoeuvres us out. We have to sail Lati without and engine to St Thomas and the boatyard in Benner Bay. Here we drop the anchor outside the entrance and ask for assistance to be towed in. That's the plan anyway.

Yesterday I enjoyed a pleasant morning at Salt Pond Bay with Lee's friend Patty. We walked to Drunk Bay which Patty said was a real treat and it was. Lo and behold a wondrous sight met my eyes! Sculptures made from Coral decorated the whole cove. So many little people with their boobs and bits. You will have to look in my photo gallery to see them. (click on the little camera)

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Around St John
27/03/2012, US Virgin Islands

Island life is easy going and relaxed as we get to know the locals and soak up our new environment. I do love the way the donkeys roam around feral and free. They haven't stopped long enough for me to do a sketch so I may have to draw from my photos. The houses around here seem to be predominantly pink or turquoise - my favourite colours. Here's a pic of a house in our street along the waterfront with a few goats who also roam around wherever they like.
We hope to sail Lati to the boatyard in St Thomas this week with a bit of a tow either end. The local underwater bottom cleaner Dicky removed many of the barnacles so she should sail quite well.

More photos in the photo gallery

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Checking Lati's sails
18 20.38'N:64 42.49'W
24/03/2012, Coral Bay USVI

Bill is looking forward to sailing Lati around to St Thomas boatyard next week

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Cactus trees and tortillas
22/03/2012, Coral Bay USVI

I loved looking at the fish in this cactus tree while I ate my tortilla with fresh grouper and salsa at the Tourist Trap.

(Pics of Lati and our srrounds in photo gallery)

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22/03/2012 | Campbell Hair
Great to finally see some photos of Lati, wow you do have a bit of work ahead of you, the hair cut looks good Bill, Coral Bay looks amazing. Keep the blogs coming and stay safe.
Cam & Annie “H”
Lots of work ahead
22/03/2012, Coral Bay USVI

22nd March
Coral Bay
This morning I helped Bill sort and get rid of more junk on board Lati. The 10th garbage bag was filled as well many extra items. We made 2 trips to the dumpster using the inflatable dinghy with the motor. I had to hold her in thigh to knee deep water while Bill waded and walked back forth with all the junk. He has detached most of the many pieces of fishing paraphernalia as he wants Lati's decks and rig to be clear.
The interior is still a bit of a mess but the light is at the end of the tunnel. The woodwork in the saloon and galley will need to be redone as well as sanding, painting and refurbishing including the electrics. Yesterday Bill discovered the engine needs a lot of work to make it go. He spent 2 days pulling the engine out, pulling it apart then put it back together and back in.
The plan now is to sail Lati to the boatyard in St Thomas and tow her in. To enable this to happen, some of the barrier reef will have to be removed, (a local guy is an expert underwater bottom cleaner), the sail track screwed back on the boom and the mainsail attached. We knew she needed a mainsail so one of Bil's bags had one from Oz that he had made to fit to Lat's specs. Hopefully by next week Lati will high and dry in the boat yard where work can begin in earnest. There is a single berth for Bill to camp on her and I will stay with Lee on Manatee for as long as she will have me! The boat yard in St Thomas is about 5 miles away but without a boat we will be using buses, ferries, taxis and our feet to commute. The buses from Coral Bay to Cruz Bay run every couple of hours and there are several ferries a day from Cruz Bay to St Thomas. From the ferry dock to the boat yard it is about 1.5 miles.
It will continue to be interesting, frustrating as well as challenging I expect. In the meantime I have been to a few of the local haunts with Lee. Yesterday we enjoyed lunch at the Tourist Trap, a casual café overlooking the bay high on a rocky hill. The food is all cooked by Larry - the tastiest tacos and tortillas. Lee's friend Mary works there part time and served us with her usual outgoing upfront zaniness. I loved seeing the interesting objects placed in and around the cactus trees especially the fish and the tiara. After lunch Lee drove us in her little Suzuki to Salt Pond Bay, one of the tourist beaches. The sand was blindingly white and the water was so clear and turquoise and I kicked myself for not taking my swimmers with me. I was astounded to see the beach and water packed with tourists and boats. It is such a beautiful little bay that to me seemed to be more the type of place that would be on a remote island difficult to get to.
Skinny's Bar is a popular spot with the locals (and tourists) especially during Happy Hour. Plastic cups of wine are only $2 and the same for beers. Lee had arranged to play cribbage with friends. I looked on but they were playing too fast, totally absorbed, I had no hope of trying to get the gist of it.
So far so good on Manatee and we're all getting along fine. I'm trying to be helpful by cooking some of the meals on board. It's been a bit windy and rainy today. We do hope it wont be raining when we pull Lati out of the water to paint her.

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Settling in - Lati's progress
20/03/2012, Coral Bay USVI

20th March 2012
Coral Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands
Since we arrived here a few days ago we have been welcomed with open arms.
I am continually grateful and feel very cared for by our yachtie friends Lee and Mark whom we met transiting the Panama canal in 2009. We are very comfortable on board Manatee, a beautiful catamaran with Lee. We have a double bed and cabin with hatches to let in the fresh air as well as the loud music coming from the bars on shore at night! We have been eating and drinking ourselves merrily every day. We have met so many of Lee's friends but I cant remember all their names. The crazy Australians who bought 'that boat' has given a few people something to talk about.
Bill has been working hard and has removed at least 10 large bags of rubbish into the big dumpster up the road. Bill says nothing seems to have been removed from the boat in 40 years and certainly no woman's touch to be seen. Amongst a vast assortment of items, a trumpet in a case, lots of tools, spare parts and even an old foghorn he has found. He is now pulling the engine apart. He says he will have to pull it out and to repair it. There are several headsails in good condition, so once the barrier reef has been removed from Lati's bottom, Bill is keen to see how she sails. He even found a small flag with 'Manatee' on it. Lee immediately raised it on Manatee's stern. We will have to take her to a boat yard at some stage for the final stripping and painting.
Lati is moored metres from Manatee so is conveniently located. Coral Bay is a laid back place with a few bars along the foreshore with mostly Americans living on boats or in houses dotted about. Donkeys and goats wander around freely. We saw a donkey eat a cardboard box yesterday. I like donkeys but felt a bit apprehensive to get too close. On Sunday, Lee took us to a beautiful local beach for a birthday picnic for one of the local expats Megan. Lameshur Bay is very beautiful with turquoise water, coral beach shaded by trees. Ruins nearby provided a 'honeymoon' backdrop for some photos of Bill and I. I am not sure of the history of the ruins but the walls are made from different shaped rocks and coral. I saw my first mongoose running very fast into the bushes near our picnic spot. As it was still the weekend of St Patrick's day celebrations, many people were wearing green and we were even given green pina coladas and margaritas on the beach. Someone had a blender working using a lawnmower engine or something as equally inventive. A couple of boats were anchored in the bay. We drove in Lee's bumpy Suzuki down the goat track with Bill squashed up in the back with the eskies. Just before one of the boat left one of the occupants played haunting Irish music on the bagpipes. Lee even enjoyed a little Irish jig on the beach.
Wifi is touch and go but I hope to upload photos for the website today. We now have local phone numbers but we get charged to receive local calls and sms messages as well! Not international sms though and I am so glad we can also communicate with family and friends that way. As per usual I am the communications officer!

(more pics in photo gallery)

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On board Manatee, Coral Bay
16/03/2012, St John, USVI

First morning on board Manatee with Lee. Yes I am in my sarong!

more photos in photo gallery

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Arrival in St John
16/03/2012, US Virgin Islands

After 2 days of airports and planes we are now happily ensconced on board Manatee being well looked after by the lovely Lee. Lati is within metres and Bill is already working hard cleaning up the interior. There is lots of work to be done. Coral Bay is very laid back with many yachties living here permanently. A small bar/bistro and mini supermarket is within rowing distance for all our immediate needs. It is lovely to be here. More photos in the photo gallery.

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Art and Sailing in my Sarong in the News

With my favourites - my pink nudes.... I'm going to miss going to Rosebed st

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Soon to be at anchor again

This is where we're going....

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Off to the Caribbean very soon!

I can now officially say the little yacht Bill purchased on ebay is now an Australian registered vessel named 'Lati' Fortunately we have beautiful friends we met transiting the Panama canal in 2009 keeping an eye on her until we get there.

In the meantime Bill and I are extraordinarily busy meeting deadlines. Bill is working hard completing the deck on our house. He is putting the roof on as I type!

My exhibition 'Scribbling Barefoot'is giving me much joy and I am connecting with so many lovely people both locally and internationally. Tonight I am facilitating a beautiful drawing workshop inspired by the Drawing room at the Matisse exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. I will be loading up my van with gorgeous rugs, fabrics, tables, plants, art materials, chaise lounge etc to create the scene in Eudlo Hall. Talented friend and violinist Claire will be playing and we are lucky to have an experienced artist's model Amanda. I believe in creating a relaxed environment for anyone to explore and experiment with drawing. All marks are as important as each other. It is not the end result and what the viewer perceives that is the most important. It is what the artist feels and experiences during the process that is important. I know myself I have to feel totally free and uninhibited to take risks when drawing.

Each piece I draw from life and in itself is unique representing the location, my mood and the energy of the moment. I have promised myself to commit to drawing on location wherever I am! My book 'Sailing in my Sarong' has many images of drawings I completed around the world. Perhaps I will create another book with even more images of our future adventures.

The drawing above is titled 'Jade'and is currently in my exhibition 'Scribbling Barefoot'at Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo, Queensland, Australia until 11th March. See the link on the left

You can also see more of my art in my photo gallery (click on the little camera)

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Linda's painting Sortilege in Cocos
19/02/2012, Photos by Marion Jonkers Photography

This painting was completed on board Valiam when we were anchored in the Cocos Keeling Islands (Indian Ocean) It is of our friends Bea and Di's catamaran Sortilege. My friend Jackie is with me in this photo - Jackie sailed to Lord Howe with us a few years ago.

This painting is 380X570mm with cream mount and white timber frame 550X800 behind glass for $425 at Rosebed st Gallery Eudlo

More pics in the photo gallery

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Beautiful Bronnie - circumnavigators unite!
19/02/2012, Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo, Queensland

Bronwyn Zemanek (ex La Barca) was there to officially declare my art exhibition 'Scribbling Barefoot' open. We are in front of my luscious pink nudes.

(artworks vary in price and size from $60- $600 - contact Rosebed st Gallery
phone +61 7 54573780 or email )

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What to do with a drunken sailor?!
18/02/2012, Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo, Queensland

Linda having fun with Jackie and Tony. (More pics in the photo gallery)

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Scribbling Barefoot Opening Night
18/02/2012, Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo, Queensland

What a wonderful night! Glamorous saris, sarongs and fun sailor suits singing dancing enjoying my scribbles with the champagne flowing freely. A huge thank you to Maya, Annie, Amy , Tony, Rob and everyone at Rosebed st Gallery. Jacob played beautiful piano music and Jane Michele's song Ýou make me feel like a Natural Woman' made me cry. Thank you to Annie R for leading us in the gorgeous Polynesian belly dance! And thank you to everyone who gave me such support and shared beautiful words. And the biggest thank you to Bronwyn who flew up from Sydney to help me and officially open my exhibition. And Bill of course who is always there for me.

I will be at the gallery every Sunday and make sure you check out my workshops. Next Friday 24th Bill and I will be speaking about our circumnavigation with a slide show. Pink note donation for drinks and nibbles and I will be signing my book Sailing in my Sarong.

Scribbling Barefoot link on the left !

also more photos in photo gallery
Thank you Marion Jonkers Photography for the beautiful photos

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Count Down to Scribbling Barefoot Opening Night
10/02/2012, Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo, Queensland

It's all go here in Point Cartwright as I finish off framing my artwork and Bill hammering and building the deck on the house. Paper work for our little boat in the Caribbean is still in progress. With flights in a couple of weeks, we are busy busy but happy busy doing what we love.

Linda's art exhibition is running from 15th Feb to 11th March with the official opening on Friday 17th Feb starting at 6.30pm at Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo. (Sunshine Coast hinterland)
Scribbling Barefoot Opening Night will have live music, dancing and a raffle to raise funds for Sporting Dreams - a charity run by paraOlympian Marayke Jonkers, that helps young disabled people fulfil their dreams through sport including sailing.
The artwork donated in the photo is titled 'Liz's Blossoms' and is pastel on paper framed in black.
Look forward to seeing you at the Opening Night or during the exhibition. I will be there on Sundays as well as workshops. Click on the Scribbling Barefoot link on the left for further details.
My book 'Sailing in my Sarong' will be on sale at the gallery or you can order through paypal on this website. (The button is further down on the left under 'Ships logs')

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Art, Sea and Bubbles
02/02/2012, Point Cartwright, QLD, Australia

Photo: Linda with Maya and Annie from Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo choosing works for my exhibition. 'Liz in Pink'on the left and 'Flotsam and Jetsam'will both be on show. A glass of pink bubbles finished off a delightful afternoon.

Scribbling Barefoot 15 Feb - 11 March : Linda Frylink Anderson

Opening Night 17th February 6.30pm - wear your favourite sari, sarong or sailor suit (shoes optional)
RSVP by 15 Feb

Scribbling, squiggling, sketching and doodling are some of the ways Linda likes to draw. With the exuberance and freedom of a child, she explores line to the fullest extent.

Linda recently returned from sailing around the world with her husband Bill on their homebuilt yacht - a 30 year dream finally fulfilled. With her sketchbook and pastels she captured what she saw, the result being a collection of passionately expressive works drawn from life.

Prior to embarking on this action packed voyage, Linda's work centred around the study of the nude and still lifes. Linda's 'Scribbling barefoot' exhibition includes these as well. Linda is an Early Childhood educator and believes children can work through their emotions by scribbling and drawing what they feel and see. During her travels, she had the opportunity to work with underprivileged children conducting art and play workshops. In Mauritius, she worked with a flamboyant wood sculptor dedicated to helping the poor. Both shared a passion in believing that children and adults can express their emotions through art, music and dance. Also a keen photographer, Linda's lively drawings and photos were included in a solo exhibition at Ecole de Sculpture, Bambous, Mauritius.

Linda has published a memoir of her travels featuring her vibrant artwork titled 'Sailing in my Sarong.'

'Scribbling barefoot' is an exciting and lively exhibition showcasing Linda's love of living in the moment, making a dream come to reality.

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Scribbling Barefoot - Linda's Art exhibition
26/01/2012, Rosebed st Gallery, Eudlo, Queensland

I am proud to announce the title of my exhibition: Scribbling Barefoot showcasing drawings I captured during our circumnavigation.

See photo gallery (click on little camera) for Linda's Drawings

Click on ''contents'' for ships logs (or blogs) of our voyage around the world.

Click on map and ''current position'' to see our world circumnavigation route. You may have to download Google Earth 'plug-in
For more information on the exhibtion:

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New sailing adventure in the Caribbean

Many people have asked us about our future sailing plans. This has taken an interesting turn just recently when Bill sheepishly announced to me that he had bought an old boat at a bargain price, that 'needs a bit of work' on ebay. After calming down but still feeling unfaithful to our beautiful Valiam , I am beginning to feel excited by Bill's 'project'. This boat isn't nearby. It's in the Caribbean. Crazy crazy crazy. My darling husband said it's to get me to the Mediterranean this summer. "We can have a small boat in the Med and leave her there. In September we come back and sail Valiam to Patagonia. She's much more suited to long ocean passages in the southern hemisphere." We shall see. But anything is possible and if anyone can do anything, he can. Or should I say, 'We can.' So that will be another story.... We fly over in March.

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All the family on board!

We were so happy to have our whole family on board Valiam for lunch the other day (except for Vashti's husband Craig) A rare occasion these days. So here's a pic of all our descendents! It felt good to be on board even in the drizzly rain. The kids loved climbing around, reading books on Nanny's princess bed and testing the toilet! We even celebrated Tahlia's 2nd hasn't time flown as she was born just after we returned from our circumnavigation.

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Beautiful Valiam in harbour
08/12/2011, Mooloolaba

A lovely shot taken by our friend Jack from their unit overlooking the harbour. As you can see the little red boat is our new neighbour!

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Valiam sails out of Mooloolaba for Linda's birthday

After 18 months (yes it has been that long!) we took Valiam out for a lovely sail with friends. Our original plan to sail to Tangalooma was thwarted due to strong south-easterlies on Friday and Saturday. Valiam gracefully cruised out and even Priscilla went up without throwing a hissy fit! Steve and Dee were on hand as experienced crew so that Linda could be a princess for the day. With much delicious food, champagne and laughter the satisfied birthday girl slept well that night. Thank you Captain Underpants!

photos in photo gallery

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