Sailing Valparaiso

"Searching for Paradise"

10 November 2012 | La Paz, BCS, MX
08 November 2012 | La Paz, BCS, Mexico
08 October 2012 | Marina Palmira, La Paz, BCS
28 September 2012 | Portland, Oregon
17 August 2012 | OKC-PDX-LAP
19 August 2011 | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
28 December 2010 | LaPaz
03 December 2010 | Marina Palmira, La Paz BCS
15 November 2010 | Bahia Los Muertos
05 November 2010 | Cabo San Lucas
24 October 2010 | San Diego
16 October 2010 | San Diego
25 September 2010 | Avalon Bay, Santa Catalina Island
13 September 2010 | Santa Barbara
02 September 2010 | Fortman Marina, Alameda, CA
20 August 2010 | Bodega Bay
13 August 2010 | Eureka, CA
10 August 2010 | Brookings, Oregon
04 August 2010 | Charleston, Oregon

Bad news…good news…

15 November 2010 | Bahia Los Muertos
Susan and JW are thinking about heading home early. They've run out of gas...sailing is harder than we thought. We've been on the boat now 5 months and Susan is so tired of the continuous motion and JW is just plan homesick. So if you had plans to come and visit us...well right now are plans are in limbo. We'll know more when we get to LaPaz and figure out what we're going to do. Life goes on!

Good news...we're half way to LaPaz...we spent three days in Bahia Los Frailes...which if it isn't darn close. We snorkeled over Pulmo reef which is the only coral reef in Mexico. The water was 80 degrees and crystal clear. We could see the anchor in 30 feet of water. Today we are anchored in Bahia Los Muertos (bay of the dead) sitting in a tequila bar with 3 other boat friends and their families... overlooking this gorgeous bay having adult is good!

JW and I did our first fly fishing this morning...of course I caught 2 and he caught nothing. Ok my 2 fish were nothing to brag about but fish are fish and out-fishin' JW is what it's all about. Lying is best!
Vessel Name: Valparaiso
Vessel Make/Model: Irwin 52 Center Cockpit Ketch (tall rig) 7' Draft
Hailing Port: Portland Oregon
Crew: Joe (Butch), Susan, JW & RC KK4FDZ
In the early 70?s Susan and I purchased our first of four boats, a 24ft Clipper quarter ton sloop having never been on any form of boat in our lives. [...]
"Valparaiso" (Veil of Paradise) Chase the dog star Over the sea Home where my true love is waiting for me Rope the south wind Canvas the stars Harness the moonlight So she can safely go Round the Cape Horn to Valparaiso Red the port light Starboard the green How will she know of the [...]
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Same Ole Ship... Different Day!

Who: Joe (Butch), Susan, JW & RC KK4FDZ
Port: Portland Oregon