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Sailing Valparaiso
"Searching for Paradise"
Bad news…good news…
11/15/2010, Bahia Los Muertos

Susan and JW are thinking about heading home early. They've run out of gas...sailing is harder than we thought. We've been on the boat now 5 months and Susan is so tired of the continuous motion and JW is just plan homesick. So if you had plans to come and visit us...well right now are plans are in limbo. We'll know more when we get to LaPaz and figure out what we're going to do. Life goes on!

Good news...we're half way to LaPaz...we spent three days in Bahia Los Frailes...which if it isn't darn close. We snorkeled over Pulmo reef which is the only coral reef in Mexico. The water was 80 degrees and crystal clear. We could see the anchor in 30 feet of water. Today we are anchored in Bahia Los Muertos (bay of the dead) sitting in a tequila bar with 3 other boat friends and their families... overlooking this gorgeous bay having adult is good!

JW and I did our first fly fishing this morning...of course I caught 2 and he caught nothing. Ok my 2 fish were nothing to brag about but fish are fish and out-fishin' JW is what it's all about. Lying is best!

BAHA-HAHA or what a dumbass!
11/05/2010, Cabo San Lucas

We left San Diego Monday October 25th with extra crew Chris Lund and Ralph Richardson for a 10 day sail south to the Sea of Cortez. Eight hundred plus miles later we're anchored in front of the hotels in Cabo San and sound. I can't say it was an uneventful trip but certainly memorable. We have video of hundreds of dolphins riding the bow waves. Whales that breached at the stern of the boat and were later diving under the boat at the was awesome and kind of scary all at the same time...after all last year a boat was sunk by whales. We passed sea turtles, sunfish and of course we landed 6 tunas along the way. On a side note we actually landed 1 other yellow fin tuna however as Chris was holding it up for photos the deck rolled violently to port as he slid on his knees across the stern towards the open ocean letting go at the last second to save his own life...we captured it on video and trust me it's pretty funny. We motored a majority of the way as we had many issues with the sails and sail configuration in rough seas. We worked out some along the way and I'm sure someday we'll fix the others. We were able to keep it safe but still broke a few things along the way...all of which are repairable.

This year there were 195 boats registered which is over 600 participants. I've tried to meet all of them at the 3 different parties we've had so far. Tomorrow is party number 4 and in a couple of weeks the last party will be in La Paz. Along the way we stopped in Bahia De Tortuga (Turtle Bay) on the first leg and Bahia Santa Maria on the second. Of course we had a huge beach party at both locations. I would like to say I sat on the sidelines and remembered I'm not 18 anymore the dumbass I am...I can't. I thought it would be funny to anchor the woman's side of the tug-a-war competition. Well the women won then let go of the rope which...again like a dumbass...I had tied the rope around my waist. Do I need to remind you that I've had back issues for 2 years which I am finally getting under control? Let's say I went flying through the air (about 20 feet) landing on my left hip snapping my neck. I survived with 4 bruises about the size of my fist on my left on my shoulder and soft tissue injury on my right neck chest and shoulder. Ok we're hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital. Go ahead and say it...what a dumbass! The good news...I will survive to do something stupid again. For now I'm laying low and of course taking lots of pain killers. What a dumbass!

JW is loving Mexico since he is legal here...maybe we'll have the chance to visit one of those special bars while we're here...who knows? This might give us a chance to use our Spanish which is improving thanks to Ralph. Friday afternoon we're going to go snorkeling after I get us signed into the country. Chris is flying home Saturday...we'll miss his cooking. I'll have more in a couple of days. Oh Ya...did I mention I'm a dumbass? Adios Mi Amigos.

Two Days and Counting
10/24/2010, San Diego

Buenos Dias. Susan and I had dinner this evening, off the boat, by ourselves. We watched Missouri kick Oklahoma's butt...Go Oregon Ducks!!! After the game we said goodbye to our new friends at Point Break restaurant. We've eaten there every other day for the past month. If you visit San Diego you should give them a food, service and prices in town. JW likes the cute waitresses...ok so do I.

Two days till the Ha-Ha and only a couple of things left to do. Last night we hosted dinner for all the Portland boats. We had 16 people over. Chris grilled steaks and Nancy Barbequed chicken and everyone else brought various fixin's. I think it's safe to say we had a good time. I'm getting excited about sailing south and catching some fish along the way. Chris is an excellent cook especially with fish...his venison steaks aren't bad either but we won't have those on this trip. The only question now is whether Chris's fishin' stories are just that...stories. If he's like my other fishin' buddies in Wyoming (you know who you are) he's full of Caca!

OH well the Ha-Ha Party is starting...gota go. Next time you'll hear from us we'll be in Cabo. Adios

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