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Vanish - Making The Switch From Sail to Power
Men At Work
Vicki - 14.2 deg C @ 2pm - 20kn NW Overcast
17 February, 2013, Nr Treasure Cay, The Abacos, Bahamas

Don't ask me why but the guys chose today to change over the anode on one of Vanish's three water heaters, actually the water heater which serves our cabin. Each water heater holds 17 gallons. Normally this is no problem but they switched the heater off a day and a half ago unknown to me and today has GOT to be one of the coldest days of the year in the Bahamas with a current temp of 14 deg C (57 deg F....hey, that's cold for us wimps) and this morning's shower was brass monkey conditions. They decided to change the anode on the most accessible heater first which is located under a berth in the aft twin cabin starboard side. The anode needs changing every 3 years or so and is probably a 10 minute job. Nup. When does any boat job take 10 minutes? The new anode, as you can see in the Photo Gallery, was a third longer than the original so it had to be shortened and then the access to the heater is cramped as are most things on any boat. They had to drain all the water from the hot water system and partially remove the water heater to keep the length of the anode as long as possible. This is why they'd turned off the heater. I fled when I heard a thump kind of sound and "Oh sh.." but crept down three hours later to see Maynard's finger wrapped in a blood soaked paper towel. The boy's faces were all smiles and happy as they announced proudly "Job's done." Just daydreaming....but I wonder if there's room for a spa.....better not say that out loud......

(Today I discovered that the Photo Gallery pics for "Happy Little Vegemites" were unfortunately unlabelled due to an internet conx problem but this has been rectified in case you wish to check them out.)

17 February, 2013 | Alison Stump
Noting the sea temp on your panel, a swim in the ocean might have been warmer than the shower. Were you offered a complimentary white bathrobe? Good to hear that you are happy and well and that the rage seas are not a problem.
18 February, 2013 | Vicki Smith
No bathrobe but I was offered a complimentary hose down on the bow or a cruise on Carnival Triumph’s next trip.
19 February, 2013 | Judy Harris
Hmmmm...hard to imagine cold weather here in Fiji. My time will come.

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