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Vanish - Making The Switch From Sail to Power
Marlow Mania at Marsh
Vicki - A Few Clouds, 21 deg C, 18 kn SE
19 February, 2013, Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island, Bahamas

Time ashore is always interesting in the Bahamas. We've now spent quite a bit of time in this area so we were looking forward to going ashore, eating out, checking out the latest boats in the marinas and generally having a good old stickybeak. During lunch at Mangoes, which apparently just re-opened after being closed for a month, Maynard thought he spotted a Marlow on the other side of the harbour at the Marsh Harbor Marina but we needed to get a bit closer for verification. We first had to check out Mangoes Marina and Harbor View then Marina Boat Harbor Marina and lo and behold, we came across the Marlow 65 named Bakara and spent time chatting with the friendly Captain Eli and Mate Juliano. Unfortunately, we didn't meet the owners who will be flying in soon.

The mystery boat across the harbour was calling our names but the call for a cuppa at Java Coffee shop was stronger so we sat down with the above two lovely ladies Kate and Kelly who are on holiday from Washington in the USA, with their husbands Chris and David. Now Kelly and Chris reminded us of Maynard and I in our "Pre Boating Life". Chris wants a boat ........ like..... yesterday! Maynard and I used to have the same conversations that Chris and Kelly are no doubt having.

M: "I think we should buy a boat."
V: "Why? We've got a car."
M: "I think we'd have a lot of fun."
V: "But you don't know anything about boats."
M: "Yes, but I'll learn. How hard can it be? Lots of people have boats."
Silence..........(rethinking strategies).......
V: "But what if I get seasick or something happens?"
M: "You'll get over the seasickness and nothing is ever going to happen."

This conversation would come up almost every week for 10 years. Maynard can be very determined so I finally relented 20 years ago and here we are today. I hope they let us know what they end up with.

Quick sticks in the dinghy across to Marsh Harbor Marina and high five .....yes it's another Marlow, Blue Rosy V owned by Rosmarie and Rene. A plethora of Marlows. We were given a tour of their lovely Marlow 65 and introduced to many wonderful people staying in the marina who all appear to be very adept at playing oompah with conch shells, especially the women for some reason. I wish we could spend more time here. Knowing where we're going, this might be the last time we'll be surrounded by so many of our own kind.

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