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Bringing back the Beneteau
Reverse Gear leaks and rust
08/08/2010, Westland Marine TSVL. FL.

I kept notcing anti-freeze in the bilge/pan below the oil pan. After days of searching, I finally found the leaks coming from the fittings on the reverse gear cooling hoses. I replaced the packing box while I was here and as always,,, good intentions are not rewarded. I learned that all the stainless in this area had corroded and the shaft flange bolts had to be drilled out. Cutting oil, Carbide, and Cussing! This provoked me to check the zinks including an additional big donut-zink on the shaft a few inches in front of the packing box. If I loose the shaft while reversing, the zink will,,,,, stop it within a few inches. I hope I never find out.

Tech upgrades
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Our escape plan
Who: David & Phyllis
Port: Titusville FL ICW Statute Mile# 879
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