Bringing back the Beneteau

20 January 2013 | Titusville FL
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18 August 2011 | Solid Sapele & Wenge
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HELP! I need a lock!

20 January 2013 | Titusville FL
I have a 1985 Beneteau idylle 10.50.
Many of the other Beneteaus use the same lock.
I need to replace this lock on the companionway door.
I found it in the BeneteauUSA site, out of stock, and $195.20 Ouch!
I believe it's made by Perko. It's 2 5/8" x 2 1/4" x 5/8"
The Beneteau order number is 082551
The tumbler has a number 469 on it.
My boat... as you can see from this blog...... has a thick lexan hatch that slides over the main cabin. This dead bolt feeds up into the hatch to be secure. There are many similar locks but the deadbolts are thin & weak.


email me........ put the word Beneteau in the description so I don't delete it.

A similar lock was about $300 from Beneteau and had to located by phone. I found a black plastic (with hard metal hardware) lock on eBay for $40 that works perfect with the heavy Plexiglas hatch. Thanks to those of you who sent me information.

Time for new curtains!

26 September 2011 | Titusville FL
The origional Curtains in this boat looked like someone sacrificed the back of their blue jeans, and screwed them to the headliner. They swung to & fro even while at the dock, and did not keep the incesant Florida heat out of the cabin. I leave the Air on all the time while at the dock, and it seemed to run too much. The issue with the previous owner and myself, was that the verticle liner between the Port lights was thin, and an effort to install hangers for the top & bottom rail of curtains would either not hold or eventually damage the liner. Finally a solid solution......! I shaped the wood (Sapele), to the contours of the boat cabin, cut a 1" Channel up the center, and routed a decorative edege on the 6 pieces. I installed 1" alum angle stock into each hanger and secured with stainless bolts. The exposed leg of the alum slid behind the interior Port light trim and tightened back down solid. I wanted heavy brass rod for the curtain rods until I searched and found the only comparable material was Stair tread carpet rods. "Way to expensive"! Off to Ace Hardware,,,, Fiberglass tomato steaks were really strong and only $4.00 each. I could get them all from 4 pcs. Next I found plumbing fittings that snugly fit over the ends. On the visable ends I screwed the fittings from the interior to the Sapele,, (All hidden), and on the other end I screwed from the outside with stainless into the fitting with the excess screw going inside the rod.

Custom built Galley Table

18 August 2011 | Solid Sapele & Wenge
The table in this vessel has always been a sore spot,,, literally! My knees were always hitting the sub-structure. With the table down the sub-structure remained up which cut the bed size down and left an impediment in the way. I suppose this was left for crossings,, so you didn't fall out of the bed? "I'll survive"

In my boat, I have removeable flat panel TV that mounts on the rail near the sink. This makes a great TV pit with the galley area leveled. In this photo it is almost finished. Just have to clean up the area and install the mounting knobs that are still on order.

The wood is Wenge,(The dark wood), and Sapele which is sort of a Teak/Cherry with luminisent gold hues.

Wenge & Sapele Cockpit table

10 August 2011 | TSVL. FL
Reverse wood from the Galley table

Building the Table

10 August 2010 | Titusville FL
Sapele & Wenge Table assembly!
Vessel Name: Vascheron
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Idylle 10.5
Hailing Port: Titusville FL ICW Statute Mile# 879
Crew: David & Phyllis
Phyllis has been my soulmate & Ist mate for the past 35 years. We have been friends since we were 6. She holds the speed record for our boat. Of course, I was holding on to the bow, as we pounded through the waves trying to fix the furling system that was jammed fully extended .... [...]
Extra: I read a good book! Lots of sailing... and romance.
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Who: David & Phyllis
Port: Titusville FL ICW Statute Mile# 879