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Labor Day weekend,
08/10/2008, Pillar Point Harbor

Labor Day in Half Moon Bay

With two new guests aboard we departed as early Saturday morning as the tides would allow only to struggle against terrible currents and weather to exit the Golden Gate. The seas were a steady 10-15 feet following swell that made for a less than nice ride down. As luck was with us, the weather turned and gave us a beautiful weekend in HMB.
The ride home was another tough start with 10 foot waves to the bow but as we made our way north the winds blew a perfect 20mph and the ocean settled down. We spotted a few dolphin and whales on the trip but I was not fast enough with the camera this time.
I want to thank everyone who made the trip to visit and share in my last San Fran sail.
There are pictures in the photo gallery and I will be adding some more as I collect them from others from the weekend. If you were ther and have a few you would like to share it would be my pleasure to post them.

San Francisco Bay
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08/21/2008 | Naomi
Nice view honey :)
08/27/2008 | Aaron Whitt
Looks like I might make the drinking, eating, relaxing portion of this trip.
08/29/2008 | chris
Aaron, that would be great. I think we will anchor out in front of Sam's Chowder House
08/29/2008 | Matt Holmes
hey chris jonny and I (and two others) are still planning on going down sunday and back monday, so hope to catch up with you all--should be exciting with the current weather report!
Sailing San Francisco bay

Time is ticking away for any of you that have ever wanted to sail on the San Francisco Bay. The boat is prepared and ready to go any day weather permitting. My latest date of departure for San Diego is September 20th. It is a little cold but there are many things to do here. The next opportunity will be in the Golfo de California. Check the calendar.

San Francisco Bay
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07/03/2008 | vicki Larrick
Hi Chris, Just seeing if this works. Give me a call. Vicki
Sandbar Party

Every month or two there is a negative tide that exposes a nice white beach in the bay just north or Emeryville Marina. The day started dismally but the sun finally prevailed. It is certainly worth trip.

San Francisco Bay
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07/01/2008 | Luke Kennedy
Can't make the Bloody Mary Sandbar Party but how about I just come along for the ride when you leave San Francisco ? Put up the Farrah Fawcett poster in my room and outfit me with some foulies... Here we go !
07/02/2008 | The Eagle
Yo Ho matey! Amos & the Eagle rrrrrr planning to make the sandbar voyage & bring some "pirate's grog!" Even though that's a little early for a pirate to get up.
07/22/2008 | Voyager (Bill Wright)
It was way to early for me! But nice pictures. We will see you down the coast or in the S Pacific next year (fall 2009)


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