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Pirate texting

arrrrr, I can not help myself

pirate jokes
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pirate jokes
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Chicken Pirate Freud

i just find these amusing.

pirate jokes
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10/02/2008 | aaron Whitt
I just got a skype account

apwhitt is my contact. seems pretty decent and simple. Hopefully I make it down this winter
10/04/2008 | cecil
Hi aaron, i checked the rates from yahoo voice versus Skype, yahoo is cheaper and better quality too.. A penny per minute to USA and Canada, and cheaper to call Mexico too.. that is how I always call Chris.. Chris has yahoo so U do not need to pay more to talk.. take care,, later..
savage chickens

This has absolutely nothing to do with my trip but I could not help myself.

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09/22/2008 | laura
Are you swimming with the fishes?
09/25/2008 | Cecil
hola baby, did u make it to san diego? trying to see if this works,, call me soon..
10/04/2008 | Susan
RRRRR, matey, where ye be on ye journey? RRRR...


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