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San Fransisco

I am happy to report that I am safely back in San Francisco after 500 miles stopping only long enough for fuel. The weather was as good as it gets so I planned the trip to pass both point conception and Pt Sur between 2 and 5 am on consecutive nights. It is a little bitter sweet coming back to San Francisco but maybe next year I will go back to the islands of Southern California.

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11/22/2008 | Heidi
This is my first chance to catch up to your website and I want to offer a few comments to those that read it. You should not be embarrassed about returning home. You gave it a go and it wasn't right this time around. There is no shame in changing your mind ... and for so many right reasons. You are a first-rate skipper and a really, really fantastic guy. I have so much admiration for you as a sailor and friend. I know I speak for many of your Em-Ville dockmates when I say we are glad you are home! And when you are ready for some mini-trips, you know you have crew!
Back to San Diego

I am embarrassed to report that I will postpone my sail to the Sea of Cortez any farther south. It is increasingly difficult to locate dependable crew and this boat is just too big for one person to safely handle. Sailing is inherently dangerous and I am keenly aware that at any moment I am one step away from hurting myself. I just returned to San Diego and will give a last effort to locate crew, if not I will begin the sail back north to San Francisco.
I am in the process of plotting a few optional courses pending on conditions.

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10/26/2008 | Shelly
xoxox. be safe
Ensenada, Mexico

I left San Diego before dawn to make the 60 miles to Ensenada. I wanted to be in by dark since this was my first solo passage. The morning was chaotic with a lot of inbound traffic and my navigation equipment going offline at the same time. After sunrise the day was pleasant and warm but very little wind.

From Ensenada, MX
I motored most of the way to ensure I would arrive before dark. Checking in with immigrations and customs was easy and everyone was amazingly helpful. I am moored in Cruisport marina and the facility is super clean and everyone is nice. Ensenada, for all of the things you here about in the news, is friendly and clean.
Baja, Mexico
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10/17/2008 | Debbie O.
Hi Chris-
Matthew and I are thinking of you and missing you around the marina.
Hope you're great!
Chicken Pirate Freud

i just find these amusing.

pirate jokes
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10/02/2008 | aaron Whitt
I just got a skype account

apwhitt is my contact. seems pretty decent and simple. Hopefully I make it down this winter
10/04/2008 | cecil
Hi aaron, i checked the rates from yahoo voice versus Skype, yahoo is cheaper and better quality too.. A penny per minute to USA and Canada, and cheaper to call Mexico too.. that is how I always call Chris.. Chris has yahoo so U do not need to pay more to talk.. take care,, later..
Winter in La Paz, Mexico

After the Baja Ha Regatta i will take a berth at the Costa Baja Resort in La Paz, Mexico for a few months. I think It will be a nice spot to meet more boaters and take day or weekend sails in the Sea of Cortez. Check the Calender if you want to visit. I have a few request now and I hope some of you can come down.

ports of call
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