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San Luis to San Diego

27 September 2008
Our sail to San Diego was 270 miles and at times 70 miles offshore. We decided to stay outside of the Channel Islands and away from shipping traffic. The trip took 48 hours and we averaged just fewer than six knots. Unfortunately we motored some of the way with light winds except for the last 50 mile we flew the spinnaker. The trip was uneventful but very fatiguing. The weather at night was foggy and wet and mostly overcast in the day. I am now docked Shelter Island and plan to depart for Ensenada, Mexico October 7th and stay there for two weeks while waiting for the start of the Baja Regatta.

detour to Port San Luis

23 September 2008
Leaving Monterrey in the afternoon we caught excellent winds for our heading and made great time all day. By night fall on my 9pm watch the winds had built to 35+ from our stern. The seas were 15 feet off the starboard quarter. It wasn't what I was hoping for on my first night at sea but we flying at 7-8 knots, surfing 10 and with only a staysail. The next morning did not even have a breath of wind so we motored the entire morning. The decision was made in the afternoon to take Luke ashore in Port San Luis because of seasickness. We had two more days and nights at sea to reach San Diego. On the way to san Luis we crossed a migration of dolphins. As far as the eye could see dolphins were jumping in groups of five or ten at a time. There must have been thousands.
The transmission was making noises again and on the 30 mile run into port a bearing finally failed. After removing the unit and inspecting inside I am surprised it got us into the harbor. The fog was so thick on arrival that visibility was less than 50 feet. In the morning I located a new transmission and had it over nighted to the harbor. I installed the new transmission while anchored to a mooring ball and we set sail Thursday by 4 pm.
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Half Moon Bay To Monterrey

21 September 2008
We left HMB before sunrise for the 60 mile run to Monterrey with Heidi, Matthew and Luke as crew the day was perfect with wind and good time was made. We had a small seal chasing the boat for a little while and later we transited a migration of whales. The first few were just off the boat and then drifted aft. We could see the splashes from hundreds of yards away as maybe thirty or more were jumping from the water. We arrived with plenty of daylight. Matthew had to leave us to return to Emeryville. His departing gift was Crispy my small sailing dinghy. He had earned it; Earlier in the day Crispy had taken on water and was too much dead weight to drag. Matthew got in it miles from shore and bailed out the little boat. I had hoped to tow it to Mexico and have fun sailing it in anchorages but it has proven to be too much. I will look for another in Mexico. I met two other Catalina 42's (Suebee & Kat Den Rie) at the dock and they are also sailing in the Baja ha regatta.

San Fransisco to Half Moon bay

20 September 2008
We Left Emeryville as scheduled at 7 am with Heidi, Jim, Matthew and Luke as crew. The breeze was nice and we arrived in Half Moon Bay in the late afternoon. We had a small yellow breasted bird aboard for a few hours. I hope he made it to shore? Jim Returned to Emeryville and I am glad he made the first leg of my trip with me. Half Moon Bay is a great stop.
Vessel Name: Vela
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42 MK1
Hailing Port: Half Moon Bay, California
Crew: Chris
About: My name is Chris. I have sold my home and I am currently living on my sailboat in Mexico exploring the Sea of Cortez.
I hope all of my friends and family will take the opportunity to join me somewhere along the way on this journey. I will try my best to forecast an itinerary and everyone is welcome to join at a port of call or on a passage. Check the calendar for dates and locations. E-mail me if you would like [...]
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