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Vessel Name: Venture
Vessel Make/Model: 42 Catalina Mk II
Hailing Port: San Francisco
About: Lynn, Dorian, Amos, Andy
About: Admiral Lynn Heiberger commands the modest fleet of one Sailing Yacht and one Dinghy. Boat Skipper Dorian Cougias also serves as Chief Boatswain's Mate and Navigation Master. Co-Chief of the Boats are Chief Puppy Officers Amos J. Puhtsibokuhm and Andropolis Puppopolis.
Recent Blog Posts
06 July 2010 | Antioch CA
Well, didn't make it very far out of Benecia today. Got passed the Antioch bridge and it was blowing over 30 (gusting over 35), so we headed back around and into the Antioch harbor for the night.
05 July 2010 | Benicia Marina
Headed out for an over night anchorage in China Basin today. When we left it was cool (60s) with high winds (in the mid 20s). When we got to China Basin it was cool (low 60s) and higher winds (25 and up). So we re set the main and headed in to Benicia Marina for a slip at the Yacht Club where it is 70ish. [...]
19 June 2010 | South Beach Marina, SF CA
We reached out to old friends like Norm Pearce and rejoined the South Beach Yacht Club this week. As you can see from the picture below, the clubhouse has undergone some major renovations. When we were members last, the clubhouse was a double-wide trailer!
18 June 2010 | Alameda CA
Well by golly, we've got a boat again!
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