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Venture's Photos - Main
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Our local KingFisher checking out the bait fish.
Amos and Andy, the ever vigilant guard dogs ensuring that all comers must beware -- of being licked to death.
After a hard day
Venture heading for San Francisco
A great closeup of the pictures that Chris Fox
Our boat logo designed by Chris Cox at He did a fantastic job of taking what Lynn drew up and turning into this wonderful depiction.
These are the pictures of our first Delta trip!
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Created 2 July 2010
Sailing on Father's Day with Janice and Jacques
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Created 20 June 2010
We've now taken ownership of SueBee and have changed her name to Venture.
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Created 18 June 2010
These shots were taken during our inspections, test sail, and initial haul out for final inspection.
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Created 18 June 2010
These are the photos we took during our initial surveys of the boat (used to be SueBee, now Venture).
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Created 18 June 2010