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Venture's Photos - Inspection and Haulout
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After haulout looking at the bow and how the paint had worn out almost down to the gelcoat.
Power washing the gunk off the bottom.
Bobby on the deck at the Marina making sure we didn
Hauled out and ready for cleaning.
A closer look at the bow and the wear of the paint.
While the props might not look great, at least the zincs are doing their job. The feathering prop on this boat adds almost a knot of speed to her, so I
Coming in to Grand Marina for the first time for her haul out.
Approaching the haul out pier. Bobby is up there somewhere.
SueBee in the cradle.
SueBee with her slings on.
Found these mats under the forward Pullman birth. Wonder what they are for?
Mike going through his engine survey.
Roger firing her up and heading over to the dock for the haul out.
Roger and Peter Minkus (one of the best surveyors I ever met) on deck as we headed for the haul out at Grand Marina.
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