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25 July 2012 | Jamestown, Rhode Island
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10 July 2012 | St George Bermuda
10 July 2012 | St. George, Bermuda
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A Little Extra Time in Elba

10 April 2012 | Portoferraio, Isola de Elba
Gaile/ Cool, Weather Approaching
Our trip from Genoa on Easter Sunday was rougher than expected, due to some of the conditions lingering from the stormier weather on Saturday. However, we needed to get started and not delay the start of our course any longer. With winds to 30 kts on the nose, we power sailed to maintain course to Elba. The sun was with us all day, however, it is colder everywhere in Italy than ususal, so it was a pretty frosty ride. We arrived at a very sheltered anchorage around midnight, and moved to a nice berth at the main port in town the next morning.

Glen Edwards (the captain who commissioned our boat) was with us for a 3 day overlap with Marco (our co-captain for the Med trip), and to help us further adjust to the boat. Glen left to return to Genoa yesterday (Monday) and now we are three, until the Richardson's join us later this week in Rome.

Our course to Rome will be determined after tomorrow. Weather checks this morning - including Marco's great intell-gathering with local marina friends in town - revealed that thunderstorms, strong winds and squalls are expected tomorrow, Wednesday. We are now hunkered down at 5:30 pm with heavy cloud cover and the hopes that this will blow through and leave us in better shape to move on on Thursday. But the good news is that Marco already made a luscious smelling pasta sauce for tonight, with the leftover lamb I made for Easter Sunday. We wil eat well, if nothing else! More news on Thursday...

Vessel Name: Venturous
Vessel Make/Model: Southern Wind Farr 72
Hailing Port: Newport, Rhode Island
Crew: Philip and Gaile Jones
Extra: While we are happy to be home in the U.S., the process of shopping for just the right boat in Italy for 5 years has been a very special pleasure!
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New England Coast, USA

Who: Philip and Gaile Jones
Port: Newport, Rhode Island