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Imperia to Sanremo

07 May 2012 | Sanremo Italy
It's been hard to get to this blog - too many things to see and do, it seems. We enjoyed a sail with Larry and Maureen Burt on board from Imperia to Sanremo Italy last Thursday, screaming in to port at about 3.5 kts. (!) but loved the chance to just do things in slow motion for a day. Since we were still without luck on getting a confirmed reservation at Antibes (Port Vaubaun) we decided to move to Sanremo, just a bit beyond the French boarder, with greater access to a more established port and easier walking distance to the town and all amenities.

On Friday we took a train to Monaco/Monte Carlo to experience the flavor of that special, 1-mile square country, and the legacy of Princess Grace (especially for those of us from the Philadelphia area). Monte Carlo is truely unique - like a formal fairly land, meticulously clean, beautiful and even a little Disney-like in the pristine appearance of the historic and palace area at the top of the hills.

Saturday we drove Larry and Maureen to Antibes so they could spend one day in France and be there for their Sunday flight from Nice. We also contacted the Meloy's who had just arrived and discussed plans for their arrival on our boat - and where.

So, what's happening with the French Riviera ports? Italy has been a cinch, and Marco knows folks everywhere which has helped. However, a few current events seem to be working against us - a new Italian tax for Italian owned yachts started May 1, the French elections (concluded yesterday), and a few seasonal events like a Cannes festival, Monte Carlo's Grand Prix, are all crowding the nearby French Riviera ports. We continue to try for Antibes, and think it might be easier when we arrive there tomorrow in person. If not, we pick up the Meloys at the transient dock, anchor in a nearby area, and return to get Duncan on Thursday. We plan to head to one more French port area to dock or anchor after Duncan joins us, then prepare for the 24 transit to the Baleric Islands, Minorca then Mallorca.

While we are frustrated with the delay in getting a port in France, we have truely y enjoyed Sanremo. It complies with descriptions I read, that it is no longer the lush, high profile resort of its earlier days, but for that reason, we like it all the more. It is a casino resort town of older grandeur, graceful and quieter than other resorts down the Riviera coast. We could spend longer here... maybe we'll revisit someday!

Off email for a few days in France perhaps.... but will send an update on our where abouts soon as possible.
Vessel Name: Venturous
Vessel Make/Model: Southern Wind Farr 72
Hailing Port: Newport, Rhode Island
Crew: Philip and Gaile Jones
Extra: While we are happy to be home in the U.S., the process of shopping for just the right boat in Italy for 5 years has been a very special pleasure!
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