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10 August 2017 | Kalamata Yard
06 August 2017 | Kalamata
29 July 2017 | Kalamata Marina
28 July 2017 | Karavostasi Village
26 July 2017 | Yithon Harbour
26 July 2017 | Yithon
26 July 2017 | Yithon Harbour
25 July 2017 | Frangos anchorage, Nisos Elagonisos
22 July 2017 | Ormos Frangos & Ormos Sarakiniko
22 July 2017 | Ak Maleas
20 July 2017 | Kinsterna Hotel
20 July 2017 | Monemvasia
20 July 2017 | Monemvasia
20 July 2017 | Monemvasia
20 July 2017 | Monemvasia
18 July 2017 | Navy Bay, Poros
16 July 2017 | Pireaus
16 July 2017 | Zea Marina, Piraeus

& Now The 'After

10 August 2017 | Kalamata Yard
Njord has been re-launched after her summer maintenance programme and she feels much better for it.

The yard at Kalamata Marina is excellent. Peter lifted her out with great care and skill. He has an old style travel hoist and so Njord went in backwards through a narrow slip and had to have her back stay taken down before she could be lifted. That was scary but he handled us well - Njord was fine !

You can work on your own boat in the yard or have the work done for you, as we do. We are not very practical nor skilled.

Ioannis was recommended to us by the Marina and he and his team did a wonderful job. His son, George runs the local chandlery and we had pre-ordered the antifoul as we wanted the same brand as we have always used to ensure there is no chemical reaction. In Greece we have found it is worth ordering anything you want in particular ahead of time. The chandlery will always get it for you but it is usually ordered in.

So Njord had antifouling, hull polish, top side polish, teak clean, Dennis' outboard engine service by Yamaha service centre and last but not least a dreadful job of cleaning the black water tank and replacing the toilet seacock - you don't really want to know!

We are very happy parents, thank you Ioannis and team.

Ioannis Vardakas
Messinian Yacht Centre
Tel: 00 30 693 266 24 81

Njord's Top to Toe

06 August 2017 | Kalamata
Most yachts have their top to toe treatments in the winter. Njord has hers in 39 degrees of heat and this year in the Peloponnese.

This routine started in Cagliari when we could not get the work done for various reasons in the winter. So in Corfu last June we had our antifouling and anodes done. And now 12 months on it is time again. A diver cleaned her hull to start the season off. In Zea Marina (Piraeus) the fouling is very bad after a winter stay, just like Cagliari.

We are now in Kalamata and she is under going her beauty treatments.

Meanwhile we are staying down the coast in a nice hotel. We did think of an Airbnb but somehow it morphed into a hotel with aircon, beach, bar and pool! As anxious parents we have been to visit her and know we are demanding (but nice I hope) customers.

Kalamata Marina, Kalamata

29 July 2017 | Kalamata Marina
We are dropping Carlos off at Kalamata marina after his 2 weeks holiday with us which was excellent. Not the best winds we could have wished for and always gusty and we are in the middle of the meltemi season, but we did not do too badly.

Kalamata marina is one of the few full service marinas in Greece and we are coming out of the water for a week or so to have our antifouling done and the hull polished. The hull has a black splash of tyre marks from waiting at the bridge at Khalkis in the thunderstorm.

Dennis has been folded up and put away for our lift out.

We have been up to the main part of the town so far and done masses of washing so getting back to clean and shipshape.

What a small world - Karavostasi Village, Pelopponese

28 July 2017 | Karavostasi
We had dropped the anchor in pure pale blue water, put all our stuff away neatly and were about to dive in to the water for a cooling swim when Vic's phone rang. It was a Greek mobile and Vic called back. "Hello Captain"' the voice said, "it is Dimitrios, the diver who freed you in Yithion. This is my village and welcome. I can see you from the terrace of my taverna".

So of course we promised to go over in Dennis for dinner. Dimitrios welcomed us and came to chat. His three daughters work in the taverna restaurant and his wife Maria prepares wonderful Greek home cooking. Dimitrios also owns the local guest house with nine rooms and an olive farm.

The anchorage is lovely although there was quite a swell coming in overnight and we rocked and rolled a bit during the night. It was calm on the second night however. We decided to stay another day swimming around Njord and chilling. We went back for dinner at Elixirion Taverna and had more good home cooking. Dimitrios came back from his olive farm to say his farewells and very generously gave us some of his very own virgin, first cold pressed olive oil. It is fabulous; thank you Dimitrios and Maria. We would recommend you stop off here if your passage plans and the weather allow.


Porto Kayio to Limeni & village of Karavostasi

28 July 2017 | Karavostasi Village
We left the anchorage early in the morning and the aim was to make our way towards Kalamata, stopping in Limeni bay on the way. The weather was forecast to be windy with heavy rain and thunderstorms later on in the week and we had to drop Carlos off so he can get back to Athens.

Limeni was 25nm away so a very doable distance.

We came into the bay and chose to head towards the NE of the bay at Karavostasi. We dropped our anchor on a sandy patch close to the beach. The water was a dreamy pale blue and we could see the anchor well dug in. Slightly further out it was weed and rocks in patches. There is a breakwater here too but one yacht had positioned itself alongside in the middle leaving no room for anyone else!

Yithon to Ormos Skoutari to Porto Kayio for the night.

26 July 2017 | Porto Kayio
We paid our dues, €12 for 2 nights including water and electricity to the lady from the Port Authority who was on her way to a party and suitably dressed up. The PA is closed at the weekends so the Port Police had organised for her to come and see us and several other yachts to collect the harbour fees. They were all very charming and helpful.

In the bay at Skoutari there are several small coves to anchor in which are idyllic. Storm bay is charming but only really room for one yacht or 2 if you take a line to the shore. There was already a yacht nicely position in the cove and we would have been invading their space. The next cove, Fisherman's Cove is bigger but we did not like where we would have to anchor bearing in mind the winds we were due to have that night. We crossed the bay to the beach area but it was too open to stay with the wind conditions for an overnighter. So on we went to Porto Kayio another anchorage.

As we closed in on Porto Kayio we had huge gusts of 30-35 knots of wind one after another after another. With the engine on and the sails down we made it safely into,the bay which was very well protected and calm. The anchorage was very busy but we found a spot close to the beach, dropped the anchor, watched how we settled down and then cooked supper on board.

It was an ok night and in the morning everyone left including us leaving one yacht on its own.

Vessel Name: Njord of London
Vessel Make/Model: Malo 39 Classic
Crew: Vic Farhi & Clare Harrison
About: Learnt to sail together and the first sailing experience was in Lanzarote in 2005. We then bought Mandarin, a Bavaria 39 and in June 2012 bought Njord, a Malo 39 from the Baltic.
Extra: As attributed to Mark Twain: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
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