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Fire and limbo

Feb 28

Last night turned out to be a real hoot at the bar-b-que. after dinner they started doing limbo. There were three young girls who participated but the star was a guy who worked there. He limboed under a 1 foot pole with flames at the center. Quite a show!

Today we motored to Treasure Cay which is very well protected but not huge. There is supposed to be a big blow in the Bahamas on Sunday and Monday. We are well protected. More later.

Feb 27th
Cloudy and not rainy enough

Woke up to another hot, humid, cloudy day. Got going slowly, but eventually went to dinghy dock to go to the bank and bakery. Just before we left we ran into some folks with another Sabre who keep their boat here in Marsh Harbor for the season. We invited them to the boat for lunch. Unfortunately, as I was getting on the dinghy it kept moving further and further out and eventually I ended up in the water! I burst out laughing it felt so good cos I was so hot.

Onward. We had blt's minus lettuce and plus avacados. Delish. It was great talking with these folks. About an hour after they left the boat it got really dark and stormy, but only a little rain.

Then this guy shows up with his 8 and 10 year old daughters. They are from Minnesota and have sailed all over the place! The girls are very boat wise!

Now we are at the bar with free Internet, Snappas. Then we signed up for a bar-b-que at the Jib Room.

Tomorrow we will probably head to Man-o-war or Treasure Cay.

Feb 26

Feb 26

Another really hot, humid night. The harbor is beautiful at night with all the anchor lights on the boats.

We woke up to cruisers net on the radio to get all the local Abaco information and weather. Then we made pancakes and sausages for breakfast and took off in our dinghy to explore the harbor. What this means is that we cruise by any boat that looks interesting and see If anyone is aboard and talk to them for an hour. Net result is we met so many people today I can't keep them all straight! Everyone is so friendly and interesting. They all have a story to tell. We talked to a couple named Brian and DawnAnn from Calgary of all places. They were extremely nice and interesting. We went over to their boat for cocktails and they filled us in on the Abacos, and we filled them in on Nassau, Bimini and the Exumas.

We motored over to a marina which is right across the street from where Sue and Jane are staying, and they said no problem we could use their dinghy dock. In the meantime we signed up for their bar-b-que tomorrow night.

On the way in there we saw another Sabre and they invited us on their boat. They were from Annapolis.

We checked out Pelican Bay Cottages and they look really nice. We can snorkel right from there!

I've never met so many people who were so busy relaxing that spending an hour or two talking to you is just an expected, pleasant part of every day

Feb 25

Feb 25

A few swells woke us up after the stillest, warmest,dewiest, night we've had yet. The dew helped to clean some of the salt off the boat.

Our usual morning routine up here in the Abacos is to listen to the Abaco Cruisers Net. They have all kinds of info like weather, tides, info on the cuts to the ocean, restaurant and other services, and community information. You can learn a lot about what is going on in the area.

We are headed this morning to Marsh Harbor. What a trip that turned out to be. We went from 11 feet to 4 feet. Boom! Hit rocks with jib up. Rolled it up and started the engine. It took quite a workout, but we finally got off the ground. We crawled the rest of the way to Marsh Harbor. We didn't get there before the rain, and we didn't react fast enough. But finally we woke up to the fact that we should put out our salty clothes and sponges and let Mother Nature work for us. The hard rain did a number cleaning the boat of salt, and our clothes as well. We got salt out of our work sponge and wiped salt off the floor. Next time we will jump on it when it starts raining!

We finally worked our way into Marsh Harbor. First impressions are not great. It's very industrial and very crowded with boats. Of course, THAT could be because everyone is looking for protection from 25 knot winds tonight.

Re-met up with some folks we met in Rose Island. We were going to cross to Abacos with them but then they had engine troubles - it wouldn't start. We offered to help but they said to go on. Then as we were crawling our way to Marsh Harbor, guess who shows up abeam of us? Yup. Lucia. So we are going to finally get together person to person instead of talking across boats.

Took dinghy into Snappas for dinner and found they had wifi. Yeah!

Whew! What a day.

02/25/2013 | Betsey Soffer
J and B: So now you are in places I never hears of, sort of like my friend who at 70 joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Vanauatu. Some of your days sound wonderful, others quite rough. I am now home after S. American and CA travels. B
Feb 24

Feb 24

Woke up to another gorgeous day! Went over to Sand Cay in hopes that we could snorkel, but it was very surgy being open to the ocean. So we came over to Buckaroon Bay since the wind was coming around from the west and it is very protected from that direction.

After anchoring we motored around the limestone rocks all over the place. They look like mushrooms above water because the currents eat them out from underneath. We saw lots of starfish and a couple of spotted eagle rays which were gorgeous and very graceful.

After our tour on the dinghy we fell into our regular pattern of going for a swim, hosing off with fresh water and having coctails on the deck wrapped in a towel. I put on my Bahama Mama dress I got in Bimini and fix dinner. After dinner cleanup I put on my nighty, and we watched the almost full moon and stars on our first perfectly still night.

What a beautiful moon reflecting on the water! Bob got many shots which I will eventually get up on the blog.

Feb 23

Feb 23
We woke to a gorgeous, sunny day and were greater by two sea turtles swimming around the boat. We got some good pictures of them. When the sun shown when they were looking up, their necks were white.
We are going into Little Harbor today.
We anchored to the west side of the point a little harbor and got the dinghy and dry bag with cameras ready and motored into Little Harbor and beached the dinghy right at Pete's Pub. Little Harbor is where Randolf Johnston settled with his family. He set up forging in the caves around the harbor for his world famous bronze work. His son, Pete, is the only one who stayed on there. A gallery displays his work. It's fantastic. You need a large credit card to buy any of his work.
The pub is exactly what you think it would be. The bar is a tiki hut and picnic tables are out in the sand in a grove of trees. And the food is excellent.

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