Taya's voyage to the South Pacific

22 October 2017
20 October 2017
17 October 2017
17 October 2017
16 October 2017
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15 October 2017
14 October 2017
13 October 2017 | Tonga
11 October 2017
11 October 2017 | Vava
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03 October 2017
01 October 2017

Arrival in NZ

22 October 2017
Alan/clear skies

The Bay of Islands is beautiful. I sailed just about all the way in to the customs dock. I cleared customs and bio-hazards stuff with flying colors (the officer's word!) and I've been docked at the Bay Of Islands Marine (hence BOI marina) since. You'd love it here. Opua is really tiny but the boats stuff is great. The chandlery is just like Alibaba cavern's! I went to a small general store and got some fresh food since I had to throw away anything I had that was remotely fresh. I have a beautiful organic lettuce! And tomatoes and some Greek yogurt (and some chips...) . Tomorrow is a national holiday so everything is closed (I seem to often come in port on the eve of holidays).
I'll write more tomorrow when I have explored a bit.
Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Medium 38
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Alan Cresswell
Extra: Katy posting.
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Prep for the Southern Ocean
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New Zealand prep
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Enjoying Panama's refreshingly warm climate while waiting to transit the canal
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