Taya's voyage to the South Pacific

20 February 2018 | about 800 miles west of Chile
19 February 2018 | About 900 miles west of Valdivia
18 February 2018 | 950 miles west of Valdivia
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
16 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
15 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
15 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
14 February 2018 | The Southern Ocean
14 February 2018 | The Southern Ocean
14 February 2018 | the 40s.
14 February 2018 | the Forties
13 February 2018 | 1200 miles west of Chile
13 February 2018 | 1250 miles west of Chile
11 February 2018 | 1300 nm west of Chile
10 February 2018 | 1500 miles west of Puerto Montt
09 February 2018 | 1500 nm west of Puerto Montt
08 February 2018 | The Southern Ocean

Not quite 40 degrees

22 January 2018 | East of New Zealand
Yes that was certainly a good feeling. [to be able to repair the watermaker.] I took it apart completely and I had a spare seal kit, so I changed all the little seals and valves and tiny springs, probably 25 pieces in all, most having the right and the wrong way to go in. It took about 4 hours, I would read the instructions then look at the thing then read then look etc.. so unlike me! Being so careful it hurts. Then when it was all back together I had absolutely no idea if it was going to work because in the process I had seen nothing really bad although the inside was quite dirty. When I started it no water came out but Janneke was totally confident; "she said it sounds like its working, the sound is different from before; just wait a little" and sure enough after about 5 minutes the water started coming out a tiny bit at first but the flow increased and we filled a 5l jug in less than an hour. Now the real question is whether it'll keep working........ We rinsed cups and stuff with fresh water. I brushed my teeth with fresh water.... we might even think about washing small things like underwear if it keeps working!!! This is more luxurious than a fucking Viking River Cruise! And to drive home that point, let me say that we had chicken curry 2 days ago (real chicken if you please, with coconut milk) and a couscous lunch with pomegranate seeds, hot salami and goat Feta, then yesterday night delicious NZ pork chops with curried rice. We are starting to see the end of fresh/ frozen food, however. A couple more meat meals. Peppers,tomatoes and carrots are gone.

We've been again becalmed last night. We kissed the 40th parallel and then drifted back North. I hand steered at dawn with very light and fluky winds for about an hour listening to the Cancun playlist on my Bose headphones and dancing my heart out. We averaged about 1.5 kts of boat speed! So I just started the engine to go through that damn 40th parallel SOB and get in the roaring forties! Plus the batteries needed some juice; no sun no wind no speed, no electricity. Only the second time I start the engine. The first was to use some diesel because the tanks were too full. Now it's to cross the 40th and charge the batteries. So our alt. energy charging system is essentially working well: 2 weeks with no engine running; it's great.

Peter [of the Pacific Seafarers Network--amateur radio net] told me of a low in a week but it doesn't too bad; just the big swells but that's the mark of the Southern Ocean...
Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Medium 38
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Alan Cresswell, Captain, and Janneke Brouwer, Crew Member
Extra: Katy posting.
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