Taya's voyage to the South Pacific

22 February 2018
21 February 2018 | 750 miles west of Chile
21 February 2018 | 750 miles west of Chile
21 February 2018
21 February 2018 | 769 miles west of Valdivia
21 February 2018
20 February 2018 | about 800 miles west of Chile
19 February 2018 | About 900 miles west of Valdivia
18 February 2018 | 950 miles west of Valdivia
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
16 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
15 February 2018 | Southern Ocean


05 February 2018 | The 40s
It's 9am. J is doing her after breakfast crossword puzzle at the saloon table, and I'm drinking coffee in the doghouse. It's blowing out there so the door is only cracked open. We're sailing with the staysail only. After breakfast we hoist the Main back up with the third reef. The wind clocked to the South last night so we're on a beam reach with the swells on our quarter. Every so often the boat get thrown sideways by a bigger wave, but all is good. She's put an alternative playlist on and the Pretenders come on. The song playing brings back memories of our Oregon days when you [Katy] and I would hang out with Charlie in our Eugene house talking about religion, St. Augustine, the genius of Tom Brady and Alan Kimball (their UO advisers), Charlie's love affairs, Kierkegaard, philosophy, ..... but most importantly argue whether low or high tops Chuck Taylors were the real thing; of course there were no arguments about the old Levi's. A few years ago we met up with Charlie in San Francisco and he was wearing his low tops and I, my high tops…. of course. We picked up the argument right where we had left it decades before; arguments about fundamental values are timeless!
Now we hoisted the main back up; the wind goes up and down from 20to 32kts. So we're under canvassed a lot of the time but the gusts at 30kts last 10 to 20 minutes so we have to have the sail config for these higher winds.
Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Medium 38
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Alan Cresswell, Captain, and Janneke Brouwer, Crew Member
Extra: Katy posting.
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