Taya's voyage to the South Pacific

12 April 2015 | South of Panama City
11 April 2015 | The Pacific Ocean near Panama City...
10 April 2015 | Shelter Bay Panama to Gatun Lake
06 April 2015 | Shelter Bay Panama
04 April 2015 | 5 miles outside Panama's breakwater
03 April 2015 | 100 nm from Colon Panama
02 April 2015 | 2 days before Panama
01 April 2015
31 March 2015 | In the Carribean proper
30 March 2015 | Southwest of Haiti
29 March 2015 | The Windward Passage
28 March 2015 | East Coast of Great Inagua
27 March 2015 | Turks and Caicos
26 March 2015 | 170 nm north of Turks and Caicos
25 March 2015 | Further along
24 March 2015
23 March 2015 | South Western Atlantic
22 March 2015 | Pretty much the same place
21 March 2015 | 450 miles from Norkolk
20 March 2015 | Off the Carolina coast

Rudderless, Planning a solution attempt; Otherwise, request a pickup?!

20 February 2018 | 750 miles west of Chile
5:36 pm
Here is what I just wrote Peter: [Pacific Seafarers Network)
Hi Peter!
Well it happened! I just noticed that we lost our second rudder. We're fine and the boat is fine. We're drifting at about 3 kts in roughly the right direction (060T).
I will wait for tomorrow to try and jury rig a steering system with a small drogue I have and 2 lines, one going to a block on the starboard side of the transom and one going to a block on the port side. If that works I can make these lines fast to the auto pilot tiller and see if I can have the autopilot control the system. If that works we have a chance of making it to Valdivia. If it doesn't, I can't see the 2 of us steering with a drogue system by hand for 750 miles, and we'll probably request to be picked up by a ship. In any case there is no emergency for the next couple days at least because the boat is fine and we are fine. I will have an update tomorrow after I've worked on the emergency steering.
I will be on the roll call tonight and let Randy know.
Thanks for being there!

So tomorrow I'll see if we can find a workable solution. If we can't, I'll have no choice but to request an evacuation because I really can't see us steering with the drogue by hand for 750 miles. It is do-able probably but would probably take at least 3 weeks. I'll be on the net tonight.
I already have the steering drogue ready to go but I'll wait until the winds and seas are down to experiment.
I love you and I miss you. And don't worry because we are in absolutely no danger. Indeed our fix of the hydrogenerator fittings the other day means that the leak is fixed and I don't need to vacuum out water from the bilge anymore: so thank God for small favors!
Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Medium 38
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Alan Cresswell, Captain, and Janneke Brouwer, Crew Member
Extra: Katy posting.
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