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Voyageur's Photos - Calabash to Hilton Head - Dec 2008
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From Calabash Creek we set off for an overnight stop at Osprey Marina, a tiny facility carved out of a Cyprus swamp on the side of the waterway.  Early the next morning we set off in the fog down the Wacamaw River, one of the most beautiful stretches along the ICW, for Georgetown, SC.  From there we twisted and turned along the course of the waterway to Isle of Palms Marina, near Charleston, for a two day stay. The timing of tidal currents in Charleston Harbor, the Ashley River and Elliotts Cut into the Stono River encouraged us to quicken our pace past  Fort Sumter and Charleston
The excursion boat we saw the day before, tied up and awaiting her next load of gaming passengers.
Near Myrtle Beach, a shrimper passes us heading North.
This stretch of the waterway is called "the rock pile".  Both banks look like this for ten miles or so.
The banks of the waterway are prime real estate for second and third homes. Sub-prime mortgages anyone?
Near Myrtle Beach, a tender opens his bridge at our request.
Golfers tee off on the high bank above us.
Shrtly thereafter, they
These bouys once guided boaters on the ICW.
Cyprus swamps abound on this stretch of the ICW just South of Myrtle Beach.
We bear to port into Osprey Marina for the night, a small facility carved out of a Cyprus swamp.
Early morning after our stay at Osprey Marain, we nose carefully out through dense fog into the waterway on our way to a short stop at Bucksport, SC.  There is a Bucksport, ME, as well and they were both founded by shipbuilder Colonel Jonathan Buck.
Proceeding slowly down the beautiful Waccamaw River toward Georgetown, SC.
At some points it was like cruising through a submerged forest.
Navigation aids like this bouy appear out of the mist.
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