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P'tite journee stressante......

La meteo depuis 5 semaines est vraiment confuse....tres humide et extremement chaude...pas normale pour ce temps ci. Avec ce cocktail, pas surprenant que nous avons des orages assez spectaculaires et tres tres violentes... voir autres photos dans l'album Abaco.

PS: ce n'est pas une tornade mais une trombe d'eau (water spout)

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Just another day in Paradise?

We woke up this morning surrounded by a sea of gas/oil ! It was everywhere and stayed most of the day! My God, what are we doing to our planet........soooooo sad.

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06/03/2012 | Sabrina
Completely agree...
dan's popular shirt

Daniel's favorite t-shirt is extremely popular here....people ask to take pictures of it !

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05/23/2012 | Sabrina
Hahahaha! Good one!

super bonne journee pour le congelateur...nous pensions que cetait un baracuda, mais non, un super super bon spanish mackerel (meilleur que du saumon)

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d'la grosse visit cochonne......

et voici pour vous.....miss on dit qu'il n'y a pas de bonne viande au Bahama's.....

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05/23/2012 | Sabrina
C'est tu elle la grosse truie? Memere's very excited to see this! I couldn't believe her when I heard the story! :)
unexpected guest....

last night we had an unexpected guest for supper.....and boy was he hungry! We think it was a sand shark but were not sure and all the books we have on board do not have this particular species. One thing is for sure he might have a little gas after eating all that cabbage !

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05/09/2012 | Alan
Hi, Beautiful photos and wonderful blogs .
That looks to be a Remora fish, because of the suction disk on it's head. Lucky you to be visited by it. Lucky fish to dine on cabbage.

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