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Thats what boating is all about

22 March 2012
Im sitting in the cockpit having my happy hour rum punch, which by the way contains 2 portions of rum to 1 of juice...not my fault, juice is sooooo expensive here..... Anyhow, as I was saying im looking at all the boats and wonder what is it that makes so many people enjoy this. Then my mind wonders off to the happy hour we had with Normand & Murielle last week. They were telling us about the time they took a small plane to visit the Angel Falls in Venezuela. Just so you understand how small the plane was, Normand was seated next to the pilot!! All of a sudden, a flock of some sort of big birds ( fogot what they were.. was on punch # 3 at this part of the story) smashed the window of the plane and knocked the senses out of the pilot before bouncing back and hitting the wowan seated right behind . The pilot was slightly shaken and casually asked Normand to HOLD THE WHEEL while he got hold of himself....they landed the plane in some sort of field next to a river and waited till another plane came to get them. Meanwhile the woman sitting behind the pilot was bent down, over the piranha infested river, pluking out feathers that were stuck in here scalp from the impact..!!! Once we were assured nobody had been seriously injured, we had a good laugh. And then, I think of the nice couple from Switerland who invited me to join them in finding the GEO CACHE puzzled look had her explaining about the GEO CACHE game. While hiking in Oregon a few years back, they had found their 1st Geo box. The object of the game is to take something out of it and putting in something new along with info on who you are, where your from etc. In the box they had found, there was stuff from people all around the world... (learn more about GEO CACHE on google). Although we didn’t find the box that afternoon, we sure had fun. All of a sudden I realize its not just the sandy white beaches and translucent waters thats attract so many to boating, its about the people we meet, the stories and laughes we share and the friendships that are created.....that my friends, is what boating is all about !!! CHEERS

Vessel Name: Zarafa
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau
Hailing Port: Quebec
Crew: Daniel & Lisa
Yes, we are now house-less, car-less, pet-less and soon to be money-less liveaboard.....and we are loving every minute of it! 6 months aboard Zarafa is all it took to convince us this was our way of life. So in the summer of 2011, we took the big leap and sold everything and now, here we are. [...]
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Who: Daniel & Lisa
Port: Quebec