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Keeping busy
03/20/2012, Nassau, Bahama

Enough laziness, today I must attack my "to do" list I made myself while Daniel is away. Yesterday, I washed 1 side of the boat to remove the salt and a 4" wide oil stain just above the water line. This alone took a big chunk of my afternoon....ok ok till sundowner time, which officially starts at 3:00 in the afternoon mon! Since it's high tide and I can't get the dingy under the dock to wash the other side I must start another project. I have decided to try my hand at sewing a BBQ cover. Ok I can already hear my family laughing......hey I said TRY. So far I have measured and cut out the $ 45.00/meter sunbrella fabric we brought along ( would have prefered practicing on a cheaper fabric but ain't got none....). From the corner of my eye, I can see the impressed looks of my neighbours ! I make believe I don't see them and continue hand stiching as if this was second nature to me....if they only new! In any case we'll be long gone by the time this "cover" is completed and if by any chance we do happen to meet these people again, hopefully they will have forgotton about it....well got to keep on sewing. Ahoy mates

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