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Nous avons du faire demi tour a Long Island car nous avions un p'tit problème avec Enginbert Humperdink ( le nom que nous avons donne a notre moteur ). Nous sommes donc de retour a Georgetown le temps de recevoir la pièce qui sera expédiee de la Floride mercredi prochain. Entre-temps, nous avons droit a tout un show. Il sagit de la « Bahama 4 day regatta » What a show ! Environ 40 bateaux dans une competition fé oui, ils se foncent carrement desus si l'adversaire est dans son passage......Peut etre que ce n'est pas juste la competition qui les rendent si aggressive.... mais plutot les 80 kiosques de bieres et de forts ouvert de 7 :00 le matin a 3 :00 d'la nuit !!!

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04/29/2012 | Sabrina
Hilarious name for your motor! :)

Wow, this boat competition sounds insane! If you could catch it on camera, I'd like to see it!

They should call it Bahama 4 day REGRETTA; I'm pretty sure a couple of them regret their wild moves when they have to pay for the repairs for the excessive behaviour!
04/29/2012 | Sabrina
I guess you two don't like the real Humperdink all that much! :)
Saying good-bye

As im writing these words, our friends from Holland are heading north towards Bermuda and then back home. This life style has mostly ups but the big down is saying good-bye to people who have become close friends. Our last evening was picture perfect....a beach party with lots of food, drinks, music and a wonderful fire to warm our already steaming hearts !!

Christy, Nakita, Lydia and Robert...thank you for being part of our journey and if ever we decide to exchange our bathing suits for long johns and head up to Alaska, we will give you a call....

We will miss you our friends. xxx

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04/19/2012 | Danielle, Emmanuelle et Michel
Belle photo, wish we were there, but not to saying Good Bye, more like `brunch on Bonsai tomorrow`
04/26/2012 | Lisa Langelier
Brunch? Brunch? NO WAY.... a 3:00 to midnight sundowner! Wish you guys were here too xxxxx

Je me reveille ce matin, 23 mars et AGH.........non seulement j'ai 4 rides de + au visage, j'ai aussi les cheveux comme le lutteur Little Beaver.......Vieillir change pas le monde sauf que...ouff ! ! !
Bonne Fete la vieille...

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03/24/2012 | Michel Masson
Bonjour vous deux, AIE !!!,je vous ai trouvé finallement ! je vais me mettre à jour avec votre voyage. Ceci dit je dois me rendre à Nassau le 30 mai pour convoyer un des bateaux de Navtours vers New-York, allez-vous être encore dans la région a cette date ?
À bientôt,

03/24/2012 | France Langelier
C'est trop cute. C'est la mode à la Elvis de ce temps-ci alors tu vas poigner avec ces cheveux. Bonne continuité de voyage à vous deux.
10/08/2012 | Elyse
hooooooo......looking funky lady!!! je te reconnais avec tes niaiseries :)
Thats what boating is all about

Im sitting in the cockpit having my happy hour rum punch, which by the way contains 2 portions of rum to 1 of juice...not my fault, juice is sooooo expensive here..... Anyhow, as I was saying im looking at all the boats and wonder what is it that makes so many people enjoy this. Then my mind wonders off to the happy hour we had with Normand & Murielle last week. They were telling us about the time they took a small plane to visit the Angel Falls in Venezuela. Just so you understand how small the plane was, Normand was seated next to the pilot!! All of a sudden, a flock of some sort of big birds ( fogot what they were.. was on punch # 3 at this part of the story) smashed the window of the plane and knocked the senses out of the pilot before bouncing back and hitting the wowan seated right behind . The pilot was slightly shaken and casually asked Normand to HOLD THE WHEEL while he got hold of himself....they landed the plane in some sort of field next to a river and waited till another plane came to get them. Meanwhile the woman sitting behind the pilot was bent down, over the piranha infested river, pluking out feathers that were stuck in here scalp from the impact..!!! Once we were assured nobody had been seriously injured, we had a good laugh. And then, I think of the nice couple from Switerland who invited me to join them in finding the GEO CACHE puzzled look had her explaining about the GEO CACHE game. While hiking in Oregon a few years back, they had found their 1st Geo box. The object of the game is to take something out of it and putting in something new along with info on who you are, where your from etc. In the box they had found, there was stuff from people all around the world... (learn more about GEO CACHE on google). Although we didn't find the box that afternoon, we sure had fun. All of a sudden I realize its not just the sandy white beaches and translucent waters thats attract so many to boating, its about the people we meet, the stories and laughes we share and the friendships that are created.....that my friends, is what boating is all about !!! CHEERS

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03/23/2012 | Corinne
Haha, that sounds awesome! Miss you guys tons -- have a rum punch for me! :)
03/28/2012 | Sabrina
Beautiful insight, Auntie Lisa! I'm happy to hear that you're finding deep meaning to this voyage. By the way, the students with disabilities that I work with LOVE geocatching. I'm glad you had the chance to try it out! I'd like to do it some day!
Keeping busy
03/20/2012, Nassau, Bahama

Enough laziness, today I must attack my "to do" list I made myself while Daniel is away. Yesterday, I washed 1 side of the boat to remove the salt and a 4" wide oil stain just above the water line. This alone took a big chunk of my afternoon....ok ok till sundowner time, which officially starts at 3:00 in the afternoon mon! Since it's high tide and I can't get the dingy under the dock to wash the other side I must start another project. I have decided to try my hand at sewing a BBQ cover. Ok I can already hear my family laughing......hey I said TRY. So far I have measured and cut out the $ 45.00/meter sunbrella fabric we brought along ( would have prefered practicing on a cheaper fabric but ain't got none....). From the corner of my eye, I can see the impressed looks of my neighbours ! I make believe I don't see them and continue hand stiching as if this was second nature to me....if they only new! In any case we'll be long gone by the time this "cover" is completed and if by any chance we do happen to meet these people again, hopefully they will have forgotton about it....well got to keep on sewing. Ahoy mates

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