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27 December 2010 | Melaque

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09 January 2010
Today started out really cool. Our neighbor Antoone invited us to dingy with him to Nuevo and check out the saturday swap meet. A bunch of useless cruisers garbage too highly priced and some really cute little local girls selling their necklaces they made at home. The true highlight was when the "BREAD LADY" showed up. A big line quickly formed at her trunk. You could smell all the fresh bread, pastries rolls etc steaming out of the back of her little Ford Escape. We bought a big loaf of soudough, two sweet rolls and a choclolate roll thing for about 10 bucks!
We putted back to the marina playing duck and dodge with all the wave runners and ski boats heading out for a days work in the bay...luring the touries out for an overpriced ride about the bay.

Once home I went into overdrive getting projects done. It was a matter of minutes before my entire body was glistening with sweat, it dripping off every edge of a brow, nose, ear, hands arms chest back....looked like someone had a sprinkler on me! Put on all the protective canvas on electronics, pulled out the radar and helm electrics and put below. She's pretty much stripped topsides and ready for the brutal summers down here. Once below, I disconnected ALL electronics (big deal) and labeled every wire to not forget. This is in case of a lightening strike which does happen here. Cleaned some, then cleaned self. It's now 4pm and I'm really feeling a siesta coming on....Porque no? I crashed for an hour and half with both fans blasting on me after a COLD shower. Yummy!

Made Dad a killer spaghetti dinner tonight complete with garlic toast in oven, cut thick out of the sourdough carbs there baby!!

I'm now here at the yacht club working a glass of merlot enjoying an 830pm warm winter night. You should see the stars. Each day is like a CD player doing a loop on your favorite after day the same music....85 degrees, sunny...shorts only lifestyle....this is my kind of town.

Well, tomorrow we go past the point of no return. All cushions get put up, propane off, fridge cleaned out, water off, toilet off, mattresses tilted up, laundry gets done, wipe all surfaces down with white vinegar for mold...we move off boat and check into the hotel for one night. Boo Hoo.

Thanks to all who have commented on my humble little blog project. When I get home I'll add pic's to the gallery and maybe do an entry or two, but this is a SAILING blog and not many want to hear about bugs I'm killing or a bike ride I did! My facebook page will notify those of you who are interested in future adventures on the motorcycle etc.

Thank you so much for being a part of my adventure! It has been a privelage writing to you all.

Vessel Name: wades aweigh
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 Irwin 37
Hailing Port: anacortes, wa
Crew: Captain Lawnboy & Dad
About: Dad (Cap'm Rich) is a retired Master Mariner...he'll forget more than I'll ever learn about the sea. Me, well let's just say I've lived a blessed life on the sea since I was just a young lad.
Extra: I bought the boat from mom & dad in 1999 and have been restoring her to current glory ever since. It's a work in progress. This blog is an accounting of my travels each winter for the months of December and January.
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