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Livin the Dream!!
Tick tock tick....

Today started out really cool. Our neighbor Antoone invited us to dingy with him to Nuevo and check out the saturday swap meet. A bunch of useless cruisers garbage too highly priced and some really cute little local girls selling their necklaces they made at home. The true highlight was when the "BREAD LADY" showed up. A big line quickly formed at her trunk. You could smell all the fresh bread, pastries rolls etc steaming out of the back of her little Ford Escape. We bought a big loaf of soudough, two sweet rolls and a choclolate roll thing for about 10 bucks!
We putted back to the marina playing duck and dodge with all the wave runners and ski boats heading out for a days work in the bay...luring the touries out for an overpriced ride about the bay.

Once home I went into overdrive getting projects done. It was a matter of minutes before my entire body was glistening with sweat, it dripping off every edge of a brow, nose, ear, hands arms chest back....looked like someone had a sprinkler on me! Put on all the protective canvas on electronics, pulled out the radar and helm electrics and put below. She's pretty much stripped topsides and ready for the brutal summers down here. Once below, I disconnected ALL electronics (big deal) and labeled every wire to not forget. This is in case of a lightening strike which does happen here. Cleaned some, then cleaned self. It's now 4pm and I'm really feeling a siesta coming on....Porque no? I crashed for an hour and half with both fans blasting on me after a COLD shower. Yummy!

Made Dad a killer spaghetti dinner tonight complete with garlic toast in oven, cut thick out of the sourdough carbs there baby!!

I'm now here at the yacht club working a glass of merlot enjoying an 830pm warm winter night. You should see the stars. Each day is like a CD player doing a loop on your favorite after day the same music....85 degrees, sunny...shorts only lifestyle....this is my kind of town.

Well, tomorrow we go past the point of no return. All cushions get put up, propane off, fridge cleaned out, water off, toilet off, mattresses tilted up, laundry gets done, wipe all surfaces down with white vinegar for mold...we move off boat and check into the hotel for one night. Boo Hoo.

Thanks to all who have commented on my humble little blog project. When I get home I'll add pic's to the gallery and maybe do an entry or two, but this is a SAILING blog and not many want to hear about bugs I'm killing or a bike ride I did! My facebook page will notify those of you who are interested in future adventures on the motorcycle etc.

Thank you so much for being a part of my adventure! It has been a privelage writing to you all.


01/10/2010 | Rico Amoroso
No... THANK YOU for sharing with those who cannot LIVE THE DREAM. Looking forward to more "vicarious" living in the years to come :)
01/12/2010 | Tari
Yes, I do agree with Rico, Thanks for all the sharing it was enjoyed by many in my neck of the woods. Welcome home!
01/14/2010 | Brian Wade
thanks Rico, Thanks Tari...hope you saw the last two posts from's been a hoot! Can't wait for the next leg, already researching marinas in Guatemala and El Salvador!
stories continued

damned computer cut me off!.....
SO Bruce invited us to this 3 kings party, explain later.
Dad stayed on boat, I caught a cab VERY late as my dock family had to hear of our travels since we just pulled in.

Cab ride was 30 minutes for 13 bucks, bargain! we were out in nowhere's ville when we came to a massive fence and landscape. the cab driver looked at me like...."who the hell are you to be here on a private party?!"
this complex was beyond belief! Now understand, I've been asked to keep it casual and non specific......but WOW!!!!! this woman who developed the property is a very successful, motivated, interesting, fascinating, funny, lively uncommon individual who I feel SO BLESSED to have met. Everything around her is amazing and unique. We've been invited to crew on her beautiful 50' Cat, moon and stars...million plus dollar sailing machine....COMO NO?!?????

The guests left the party soon after I got there, Bruce kept pouring $500.00 per bottle tequila (can you say heaven) and the three of us talked till past midnight. My new friend Ms. Z....heavely urged me to stay in one of her multiple condo's for rent....200+usd per night gratis, please don't say thanks Pelon...would love to have you....ok, YESSSSSSS!!!!!HOLY CRAP!

can you say heaven? 42" plasma, dish, fans, huge shower, full kitchen, on and on.....this complex is amazing!!!! I've died and gone to man cave heaven. this whole place is build out of concrete and foe painted to the hilt. No pic's please, sorry fans, got to show you the web site later.

next morning Bruce so gratiously ran me around town doing errands to home depot etc and I paid him back with killer breakfast of 4 tacos on a street stand to die kidding!!! we laughed at the odds of us hooking up here....small world.

Me & pappy regretfully grab a first class flight home on monday to the cold of PNW. see you all then.

P.S....see you all sooooooon!!!!

01/08/2010 | Monica Stoner
Hey Lawnboy, we will be up for 3 weeks starting Monday. We will be staying a few days with J & C and will have a dock party so we can catch up with you and Mike and Deb as well. Just like the old days only with tans!!!!!
01/08/2010 | KATHY AND JOHNBOY
we are enjoying your trip adventures with your dad.. keep having fun..
Miss you and sending hug or 2
john and kathy
01/08/2010 | Deb
Sorry to hear the journey ends, but we are sure looking forward to seeing you. Also see that Scott and Monica will be here soon. Three day weekend coming up, looking forward to a dock party. Yep, you can still come to E dock with a tan, I am not sure that Max will know who you are though!
01/09/2010 | Rico Amoroso
Coming home Monday?!?! Wow... an adjusment for sure. Pardon my juvinile expression but; What a FREAKIN amazing trip Brian. Now that the laptop is fixed I was able to catch up on everything. Can't wait to chat, peace and safe travels home. -J
many stories, no mucho tiempo
01/07/2010, pv....again

WE ARE BACK! BACK IN PV AT PARADISE VILLAGE. Anti-climactic other than our cheering fans on the dock, like a great float glidig down the streets of seattle. Many invites to share stories, dinners, drinks etc. The fabulous Wades x2 have arrived. Many sad faces regarding the fate of our dingy and our trip...but I must be honest, never a dull moment in my life....I have a laundry list of boat cards, emails, invites to visit, promises to keep....and offers to crew and keep going with others. The cruising community is truly a fabulous group of people who would sacrifice anything to help a brother in need to continue with his dream...I am truly humbled with the love sent our way. The anticipation of coming events and blessings delete all negative emotions and challenges that have helped to sculpt the man I've become in the scant 5 weeks at sea. As the colors mix to turn an empty canvas to becoming a masterpiece...a one off priceless work of are looking at the lucky man who has won the lottery. It would take too may glasses of fine wine for me to explain. If I died tommorow, I'd be complete, fulfilled. Considering the unexpected outcome of my adventure, in retrospect, I pay a years salary to have experienced and written about it.

Back to reality. I'm done preaching.

My last post went to the abyss and never made it to the blog....too bad, it was a literal work of art. I must now give the cliff note version as my battery is going dead.

We spent 4 nights in beautiful La Cruz Marina. Bruce hooked us up with his good friends at "casa lori" it is Russell and Lori's casa in town. Killer concrete place with a pool on the roof and all open. Quite a cool couple who are very welcoming and invited us to come back and stay with them anytime. He plays harp with local bands and she's quite the cook. we hung out for two nights together and became family. People here in Mexico, gringos and local alike are very loving and accetping. Even with my horrible spanglish I've survived and made many locals laugh at my tireless attempts to fit in with my shitty spanish!

One night we all partied till the wee hours and walked home in pitch black streets. I have new friends at Ernesto's and expect me to check in next year before heading south...they have a special dinner planned for me and any passengers who dare to travel with me south.

Bruce and I have had a blast hanging out together. (the radio guy)
He invited Dad & I (I went solo) to a big party at his friends house in an un-named town. She will remain un-named out of respect of her postion in the community...and I must just leave it at that.

01/02/2010, La Cruz Marina

We are still here in La Cruz, I could stay for a week...this place rocks! After sleeping in this morning and feeling almost human again, we had breakfast and made a couple calls to get slip assignments in luck. we are waiting for the next move, this is a great place to be stuck. It's an authentic Mexican town with dirt roads (and cobble) nice locals and great open air bars.

Dad and I were just getting ready to take off and try to find my friend Bruce who is here visiting friends in town when all the sudden.....who'd head pops in my galley port hole? BRUCE!!!! That clever sucker found us! We had a good laugh and invited him and his host/friend Russell aboard for a cold cerveza (never too early). We got acquainted and were invited to tag along for a quick tour of downtown La Cruz (didn't take long!). Then we hiked slightly uphill to Russell & Lori's house which was an authentic Villa style concrete and brick two story. You walk thru an iron gated door into an open garage then to a door inside the house. Super high ceilings that were arched with brick and large 12" floor tiles throughout the place. A few stairs to hike up top and there is an open roof with a pool and space for their future apartments to add on later....very clever indeed! Really nice and accommodating people.

Bruce and I walked down to the corner market to replenish his Pacifico collection and laughed about how weird it was we were here in Mexico together. It was time for the next treat of the day...a brand new eatery some friends of his opened up 10 days ago. We walked to it, a beautiful home...yes, home? Sign hanging off the deck written on a bag with a sharpie...sorry guys, my bad i forget the name. We were greeted at the door with hugs and hello's by Mom & Dad who own the house. As I slowly took up the back of the pack walking through the house it was, well...WOW!!! Nice Casa man!! The restaurant was in back in the courtyard with a full bar and kitchen. You would never know it from the street. Can I tell you, I have NEVER had tortilla soup that good..EVER!!!! Then came the fish tacos.....ok, my mouth is watering again I need to stop. It was an incredible experience I will never forget. I exchanged emails and blogs with the two kids who ran the place his son and daughter in law. I say kids...sheesh they were probably 30? I feel kinda old sometimes!!! We said our goodbyes and good luck's and see you soon's. I will for sure go back next December when I come back.

Then it was off to Anna Bannana's where Russell was playing his harp for open mike night. It was just a continuation of a really cool day. We had some more coldies and I met the owner, his wife and multiple others. One table had two very well dressed pretty young of course I had to stop by and say hello to the Father....and misfire a few to the girls along the way. It was all in good fun and he's looking to buy a place here now too...look...MORE FRIENDS!! The best band of the night was the three dudes that played guitar that we heard in PV. What a nice treat. I bought their CD for myself and one for dad. Fun times.

We parted with Bruce and agreed to meet again tomorrow on the boat so he could map out my electronics for future issues that may come up...thanks Bruce! Once we got back I walked up to the offices to take a shower and heard loud music from the roof....UH OHHHH, guess I'm not done yet! After cleaning up I trotted up the stairs like a high school kid going to his first night club. I couldn't believe my eyes....all Americans!! I'm not kidding when I say it looked like a supermodel expo, all showing their wares in the most fabulous dresses and outfits you have ever seen....and peering eyes from the respective boyfriends/husbands my way. "Who's this friggin' tan dude in the flip flops and flowered shorts anyway?" After standing at the bar for a couple minutes being ignored I went to the wait staff and peered at the big banquet tables etc and asked if it was a private party?....he just smiles and says, "Yes Pelon, and you must leave now!" So, I inhaled one long last look at every mans fantasy and went downstairs....ahhhh Paradisio!!

That's my boring day in Mexico, hope you all had more exciting things to write about. I know...I'm such a smartass!

01/04/2010 | Whitney
Ola Brian! Hey thanks for sharing. What you are doing is really cool your dreams and sharing it with us...WHILE WE FREEZE OUR BUTTS OFF up here in Washington...thanx. ;) We spent a couple of weeks in Cancun over the summer. The heat feels good and the water was awesome! Good times!
01/07/2010 | Brian Wade
good to hear from you Bud! Cancun sounds nice, never been there!!
we are headed back Monday Jan 11, maybe see you at the gym??
Fessing up......
01/02/2010, La Cruz Marina

So, here's the deal: We are back in La Cruz just up from PV in a really nice marina waiting for slip assignments back at Paradise may ask: "What the heck am I doing back here already?" Folks, I made a really bad judgment call and decided to tow the dingy from Yelapa to Ipala, then Ipala to Chamela.....we lost it on the high seas, wheels for us means no way to get to shore, fish, go on cocktail cruises, cool off...merely feeling free and not depending on others for our short, for the same thing in the US I'd pay at least another grand or so.

Hate to say it, but my little expedition is coming to a close early. I woke up today feeling really depressed. Told my dad after he saw it in my face. In his less is more lecture, simply he put, "DON'T LET IT GET A HOLD OF YOU"...well now what the hell is that supposed to mean, and why doesn't it make me feel any better?!?? Till I devoured the statement and used my funk and wagnels to translate the was simple in my mind....shut up, enjoy the next few days and hit it hard next year. All in all, it's been a fabulous time. No regrets, many new and great relationships made, and best of all....I earned my sea badge, sailing solo from San Diego to PV, and writing to you folks all along the way. This is the stuff dreams are made of and if it was easy, everyone would be doing it...thank god it's hard because those everyone's would be screwing up my anchorages!!!

We left Chamela yesterday at noon, even though I really felt like sh#$. Yes, it's true, the killer dinner experience I wrote about in Yelapa....well I caught the disease from Belize from it....horrible stomach ache, cold, soar throat, Montazuma came to visit...still hasn't left...UGH! not fun!!! I had the first watch till 6pm, weather was decent only 10+ knots on our nose so it was only 6' seas. I still slept zero from the motion and because I didn't feel good. My watch came on at midnight, we were half way back to PV using a really sexy 1.5 knot current to our advantage! Blurry eyed, I got us to anchor in the dark at 0430 got the hook down and still heard dad snoring in the back. I CRASHED hard till around noon!! Man! best sleep EVER!!

Because Paradise couldn't fit us in, I suggested we go to the La Cruz Mariana for a day or two and get fuel on the way in. Cap'm Dad seconded so off we went. Ordeal at the fuel dock as normal, some dude dumped so much diesel in the water from his big yacht it still stinks even at 10pm!! After we got our slip assignment and labarynthed our way through the marina I went up to the port office to pay. Unreal, Brand new first class dockage....29 bucks an night!!! We returned later for showers and a fine dinner atop the palapa of curried prawns for dad and some funky ravioli for me. Life is good, we are living it.

Tomorrow I will try to look up my friend Bruce from Anacortes who installed my SSB radio on the boat. He's chillin' with some friends right here in La Cruz.

So that's about it, cat's out of the bag....I brain farted and lost my ride. Bygones. This tanned skinhead will be home sooner than planned-

01/03/2010 | Deb
Bummer about the dink. You're not alone, we have lost ours three times in great places, such as Deception Pass!

Don't let the funk win you over. Just think you have 80 degree weather, warm water and a different culture. If you want to be in a bigger funk, hurry home to low 30's and rain!

Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care....

01/03/2010 | Joe & Cindy
Sorry to hear about the dink Dude! Nothing more important than that little bit of rubber and metal. It's all part of cruising though. Things happen. Say hello to Bill Finkelstein for us. We're not tight friends but we knew him in PV when we were there. The old manger of the PV YC is now the manager over at the La Cruz marina. We are totally envious of your trip. Hope getting a new dink is relatively painless.

Your booby story was hilarious. We had'em too. They loved to get in the spreaders way above your boat pole and didn't want to leave. That was the reason I had target practice with my slingshot with steel ball bearing ammo. Pretty hard with a bouncy boat but nothing pretty about booby crap on your sails, deck and head. Watching the pelicans is friggin fun though. How they crash in to the water so hard without concussions is beyond me.

Any way good luck with the dink. Everything is harder to get down there but there is a good marine store in PV (I think you
01/03/2010 | Mike
So at $29 a nite, like, why would you come home? .......... email me.
01/03/2010 | Scott and Monica
oh what a shame on the dink, &%$# happens doesn't it! We are going to be up there the 11th-Feb 1st visiting family and friends. We'll give you a call and get together and toast the sailing club!

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