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The Wafu in the Med
Chalon sur Soane to Marseille
12 April 2011 | The Medway

After the summer holidays on board I went back to The Wafu with sum pals to take her from Chalon down the Soane and the Rhone to Marseille ( a tough job but someone had to do it )
Myself, Derek and Juan (the chef) took The Wafu down to Lyon where we were joined by Andy ‘reservoir’ Baker to make up our full complement of crew. We motored, ate and drank our way to Marseille ( and a good time was had by all ) where we met up with Steve ‘bosun’ Porter who was to assist with mast erection. Mast was erected with much eating and drinking, expected..!
That essentially was the end of year 1 of our great adventure, The Wafu was taken out of the water at Port Du Bouc and put to bed for the winter ready for stage two in 2011