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Travels of Wandering Albatross
Zoe from Tradewinds Canvas Shop
80s and sunny!
08/27/2009, Salinas, Puerto Rico

Zoe belongs to Marianne and Frank from the Tradewinds Canvas Shop in Salinas where we had our suite of sails restitched in the spring of 2009. And she loooooves the menfolk.

In the rainforest!
80s and sunny!
08/25/2009, El Yunque, Puerto Rico

After postponing their visit by a week due to a hurricane threat, Mom and Dad and Chris and I did a hike to the "rain"forest where it was a beautiful day with no rain!

Tied into the mangroves
80s and a bit cloudy, actually...
08/17/2009, Jobos, Puerto Rico

Here we have tied Kemo Sabe into a nook inside a nook of the hurricane holes in Jobos, on the south coast of Puerto Rico.

Moving Priva-Sea to Jobos
08/16/2009, Salinas, Puerto Rico

Moving the two Benetaus that we watched this summer over to the hurricane holes proved to be the windiest two hours of the summer. The anemometer was reading 43 knots!!! (5-6 of that was our forward motion, but still!)

Chris drove Kemo Sabe and this is a photo of me, on Priva-Sea, heading for the hurricane holes.


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