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Homewoodbound in Breavean

We set off from falmouth on the Thursday and had winds straight on the nose we motored and were both very seasick not fun we spent nearly a day and a half all day Thursday all through the night and all day Friday being so sick we were both ready to give up boats and get a country cottage instead. That got us to portland and we made landfall at portland marina. A nights sleep and we were ready to set off again lovely weather and great sailing... All was well with the world again.... We got into brighton marina at 8 am on Sunday morning...
Yes we are very pleased with the boat it is very basic inside but it is all sound.


Trial sail- big grin!

First Class to Falmouth
05/31/2010, Brighon

We are off to pick up our new boat tomorrow. One way train tickets to Falmouth, and we got an upgrade to First Class!
Pip and I are now allowing ourselves to get exited, it is going to be our new home we are going to be real liveaboards.

Successful sea trial so....

Old boat sold! Bye Hipsley Lady- (felt a bit sad even though it means we are definitely picking up our new boat next week). Also a bit of 'she was a good old boat- have we done the right thing?'

So we now have 5 nights sleeping on the sofa in the house, with all our worldly goods in laundry bags, then next Wednesday /Thursday start bringing BV home. (not typing her name out in full yet in case I jinx anything!!).. We will be doing Falmouth to Brighton, at least 210 nm- and guess where the weather forecast currently says the wind will be coming from- yes NNE/NE/ENE- in other words on the nose the whole blimmin way. Guess we'll load up with plenty of fuel- I won't hesitate to put the engine on as it's a time limited delivery trip not a cruise.

I guess I'd better learn how to put photos on here now, as I want to document our first days in our new home, the start of the big adventure....


I am soooooo tired- been removing all our personal stuff from the boat and cleaning her ready for her sea trial tommorow. If it goes well, they are going to sign contracts and leave a cheque with the broker- fingers crossed!!

Maybe it's tempting fate, but I have booked one way train tickets for next week to pick up the new boat from Falmouth.

I'd be so excited if I wasn't SO TIRED!!

It all might just happen

Our survey on potential steel boat satisfactory- 'cosmetic rust only...'
Deal agreed in principle with just a few minor negotiations left...

Survey completed on our existing boat, now subject to sea trial and us fixing a few things, or knocking a bit off the price.... but even if it doesn't go through we still have the option of a part exchange on the steel boat...


so anything might still go wrong, but perhaps, perhaps, 2 weeks today will see us with a new toy to play with, a new home to live in.

And I guess if I thought the strain of the current negotiations was hard work, I've got a big shock coming when I start to try and maintain a bigger, steel boat- but I can't wait!

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