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Galapagos Arrival Friday 11th

Landfall in Galapagos. Yesterday we crossed the equator, today we made landfall, 12 days at sea.
We are very excited to be here so much history is associated with these islands.
We have anchored in Wreck bay, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. The capital. There are big fish in the water, all round the boat,
dolphins playing nearby and sea lions lounging on the quayside, marvellous. We are both looking forward to seeing the big tortoise,
that is if he is not hibernating in a big cardboard box with holes in the airing cupboard.
Meanwhile we are about to get a water taxi ashore to find a cold one.

A Passage to Galapagos Tuesday 8th

All is well aboard. Pip caught a Marlin which broke the line. Yesterday we got hit by a big squall which turned the boat 180 degrees within a few secondswith no warning. We are now on a beam reach at 5 knots towards destination. Pip has cooked eggs beans and fried potatoes for breakfast. Kev

A Passage to Galapagos Saturday 5th

All is well aboard. We are beating to windward! The first time since the English channel, we had nearly forgotten whatit is like. Weather is warm and fine. We saw a huge turtle yesterday and many dolphins.Kev

A Passage to Galapagos Wednesday 2nd

A good passage so far all is well. Hot and no wind today and we are making 2knots sailing downwind with full main and full poled out genoa wing and wing. May have to put the engine on if wind does not pick up soon. Interesting Monday night full cloud cover and sailing through an electrical storm, sheet lighteningand thunder constantly for 2-3 hours. We were a bit concerned and put our backup electronics in the oven to protect it in case,we were struck (Faraday cage effect). We both spent most of it down below, although it was spectacular if not a little frightening.We have seen some pelicans whales and dolphins, and sharks so far on this trip. Pip accidently caught a seabird on her fishing lure but bravely saved it by removing the hook from its beak.Kev

Off to the Galapagos Islands

Well I never did get round to completing the 'Canal Story'- I will soon... anyway, we're off to the Galapagos Islands today, it's 900 miles and the route crosses the Pacific's version of the Doldrums, so very little wind is forecast- and even if we get some wind, it will be the wrong direction. We have got a fair amount of diesel on board to motor with, (and the engine has been 'passed' by the mechanic) but we will have to do some sailing as well. We have plenty of food and water, and it makes a change to be setting off worrying about boredom and too little wind rather than too much! We will post to this blog every 3 days or so from the satellite phone, if we can, but apart from that we'll be back in touch soonest- hopefully with tales of fish caught and an Equator crossing party!

Another engine update
04/23/2012, Panama Balboa Yacht Club

I have now adjusted the engine (Nanni 50HP) so that the aft engine mounts are now sitting higher on the bed and therefore the whole engine sits lower on its adjustable screws. I undid the coupling, wound the engine up to maximum height then chocked it at one mount undid the bedding bolts loosened off the height adjustment nut and slipped in a pre drilled hardwood shim. I cut new longer bolts to bed the whole thing properly and although i am sure thats not the right method I dont think ive done any damage.....phew....The engine now sits much firmer. I have spent some time with the alignment and it now seems better than it has been as far back as I can remmember.
I believe there are still some unresolved issues, (some not quite right sounds from gearbox in tickover forward, that then disappear at higher revs) but we took it for a test run and that aside it all seems sound.
I will get another opinion from the mechanic before we leave.

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