07 August 2014 | Brighton Marina
07 August 2014 | At sea, Hove and Brighton seafront
05 August 2014 | Island Harbour Marrina
31 July 2014
12 July 2014
08 July 2014 | Ponta Delgada
02 July 2014 | angra do Heroisimo
30 June 2014 | Angra do Heroismo, Terceira
29 June 2014 | Horta

Wanda returns

07 August 2014 | Brighton Marina
At 11.45 yesterday morning Wanda arrived back in Brighton marina. This homecoming completes our three year adventure. A world circumnavigation that included landfalls in over 20 countries (including Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Cape Verdes, Barbados, Grenada, Columbia, Panama, Galapagos Islands, French Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, St Helena, St Maarten, and the Azores) and 5 ocean crossings.
On arrival we flew our flags and champagne flowed as friends and family visited the yacht till the small hours of the morning. The Evening Argus the local paper turned up for pictures and an interview.
Pictures soon.

Nearly there

07 August 2014 | At sea, Hove and Brighton seafront
The flags are flying, we are heading in towards Hove so we can sail along the seafront and past the piers to Brighton Marina.... its now 1000, ETA 1130-1200.... SO EXCITING!!


05 August 2014 | Island Harbour Marrina
Wanda arrived in Cowes at the beginning of Cowes week. Busy and buzzing a great atmosphere in the town and on the River as we motored up the Medina past the Folley Inn and on to Island Harbour Marina. The marina is only accessable 2 hours either side of High Water so you need to time the arrival. There is a lock but it was high tide springs so luckily it was open on freeflow as we entered.
So here we are. We are walking distance from Dinah's, Philippa's mother. We had arranged to meet here with Philippa's children; Charlie, his partner Lauren, and Alex. However, a great surprise her daughter Dominique got a performance break from her show, so she also rode up on her motorbike. Big celebration and the treat of a proper home cooked English Sunday lunch at Dinah's.
We are sorting a few bits on the boat before moving on to our home port Brighton. This is a 50 mile passage and the weather looks OK. If all goes to plan We expect to make Brighton late afternoon or early evening on Thursday.
Ale for tea

Isle of Wight

31 July 2014
All is well. What a fab day- a glorious sail this morning, whooshing at 7 knots with the tide, dancing around the whirlpools, past The Needles and into Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight; then the joy of meeting up with Dinah, Pip's Mum. We were given a berth right alongside the harbour wall, and after we had 'dressed overall' with our flags, and put up the 'Welcome home' balloons Dinah brought, we spent the whole day bragging and chatting to interested onlookers- our five minutes of fame. Don't forget to look in 'Photo Albums' for pictures.Mussels and Brakspears in the Bugle for lunch, sausage sarnies for tea even though it isn't Saturday. Bliss.

Hello and goodbye to Falmouth

29 July 2014
We've had a fantastic couple of days, with visits from Mike and June, Paul and Ros (the previous owners of the then Brea Vean, who put together such a great boat that took us round the world), and also Pippa Sa- fantastic. Time to move on towards the Isle of Wight to catch up with some more of the family- up the Channel we go. I hope we don't take this relatively short trip for granted- the Channel has its fair share of surprises and challenges up its sleeve (get it- La Manche- up its sleeve... groan)- like tidal rips and races, lobster pots, naval exercises, big ships, fishing boats, lumpy seas even in benign weather- hope I don't start getting seasick again! So its farewell to pints of real ale, Cornish pasties, and the Maritime Museum, and looking forward to a couple of days 'real' sailing. Fish pie for tea (Tesco's finest!)

Falmouth Arrival Sat 25th

26 July 2014
All is well. Wanda made landfall in Falmouth at 10.00 this morning. Friends from the yacht Boomerang were here to take lines followed shortly by a surprise visit from Mike and June who bought us fresh fruit English beer and Port for Port. We have turned down the civic reception in favour of pie and a pint down the pub. More news when we have internet connection. Kev and Pip.
Vessel Name: Wanda
Vessel Make/Model: Van de Stadt Seal
Hailing Port: Brighton
Crew: Philippa Bull, Kevin Hutchings
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