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Wayward Wind's Wanderings
Cruising Maine September 2011 IX
09/15/2011, The Basin, New Meadows River, Casco Bay, Maine

Cruising Maine September 2011 IX Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 4 PM The Basin, New Meadows River Casco Bay, Maine Water temperature 64 F

We stopped at Long Cove (Tenants Harbor) yesterday. We were anchored by Noon and spent a peaceful afternoon at anchor. We left this morning in fog; creeping out of the harbor with radar and chartplotter giving the only indication of where the boat was and were it was going. If the instruments had quit, I would of anchored. With one hundred foot visibility dodging lobster floats was a full time job. We could have stayed at Long Cove but a nasty weather system is coming through this evening and I wanted to be in Casco Bay before it hit.

I had the main up, anchor up, washed and stowed and the boat underway (slowly) by 6:30 AM. There were six foot rollers coming from Maria but not much wind or chop. We pushed the boat hard and by 2:30 PM had covered 45 miles and were anchored in The Basin off of New Meadows River in Casco Bay. We had never been at this anchorage before but it is rated as one of the most secure anchorages on the Maine coast. Once you get through the narrow slot coming in a beautiful cove appears on the port side. There are a few boats on mooring balls and one other sailboat anchored and there is room for fifty more boats.

Right now it is the quiet before the storm. I'm in shorts and a tee shirt and we are swatting mosquitoes. In another three hours the storm will be here and we'll be real glad we are tucked in secure spot. We'll be here until at least Saturday or until the wind and seas die down.

Cruising Maine September 2011 VIII
09/14/2011, Underway in Muscle Ridge Channel, Penobscot Bay, Maine

Cruising Maine September 2011 VIII Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 11 AM Underway in Muscle Ridge Channel Penobscot Bay, Maine Water temperature 59 F

We left Tom Cod Cove bright and early this morning and have started our Fall migration. We've decided to leave the boat in Maine again this winter so only need a few decent days to get to Falmouth. Don't know how far we'll go today; we're bashing into the wind and waves and this gets old after awhile.

Cruising Maine September 2011 VII
09/11/2011, Tom Cod Cove, Penobscot Bay, Maine

Cruising Maine September 2011 VII Sunday, September 11, 2011 - 4 PM Tom Cod Cove (near Castine) Penobscot Bay, Maine Water temperature 60 F

Yesterday was a perfect Fall day for onshore sightseeing in Camden, Maine. We dinghied into the Town float which is located right down town at the water front. The shoreline there is lined with benches and on a day like yesterday, every seat was taken. The tourists have been watching Windjammers going out and coming in, Megayachts going by, glistening sailboats maintained in better than new condition tied to floats; and here we come, two kinda salty looking, not spring chicken looking, people in a scruffy, strange looking Porta-Bote. You can see their faces as we crawl up onto the dock, "Who are these people?" "Where did they come from?" The more astute ones will notice the Illinois registration on the dink and wonder, "Did they come all the way from Illinois in that?" Once we go up the ramp to street level we can blend in with the other tourists and become lookers instead of lookees.

We wondered around town, went to the Farmers Market and bought some stuff, stopped in a Gallery and bought some stuff (ouch!), stopped in a used book store and bought some and then stopped at The Marriner's, a breakfast/lunch type restaurant that advertised in the front window, "Good local food - No ferns and no quiche". After lunch we walked around some more and then returned to the dinghy for our return trip home. Thankfully the outboard started right up. I hate it when it won't start and there is a crowd watching.

This morning we dropped our mooring and headed back out into Penobscot Bay where we turned north. We motor sailed up the bay to the Castine area where we picked up a (free!) Holbrook Island Sanctuary mooring at Tom Cod Cove. We're hanging out on the boat this afternoon enjoying the sunshine.

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