Sundance - SF to Cabo & La Paz

The seventeenth annual Baja HaHa race from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and on to La Paz. Departing San Francisco 10/18/2010, returning 1/20/2011.

Vessel Name: Sundance
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau M38
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: Capts. Richard Donker and David Rempel
06 January 2011 | San Jose del Cabo to San Diego
04 January 2011 | San Jose del Cabo to San Diego
03 January 2011
02 January 2011
23 December 2010 | At anchor north of La Paz
26 November 2010 | Punta Evaristo
26 November 2010 | Agua Verde
19 November 2010
18 November 2010
17 November 2010
14 November 2010 | La Paz, MX
12 November 2010 | La Paz Marina
11 November 2010 | La Paz Malecon
10 November 2010 | La Paz Marina
09 November 2010 | Bahia de los Muertos
09 November 2010 | Off Punta Colorada
09 November 2010 | Pulmo Reef
08 November 2010 | Off Punta Colorada
08 November 2010 | Bahia Frailes
08 November 2010
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"The Bash"

06 January 2011 | San Jose del Cabo to San Diego
The crew for the Sundance Baha Bash was David Rempel, Bob Woolf, Rich Seifert, Loree and Evan Koch. Left San Jose del Cabo December 31 at 5pm and arrived in San Diego 6 days later, Jan 6th at 5pm. Some bashfullness with 20-25 knt winds on the nose in first few days accompanied by seasickness, but overall, great weather. Ran out of fuel 3 knots from the entrance to Turtle Bay at 8pm, so tacked into the bay into a 1-3 knt headwind, arriving at 11pm and dropping anchor. New moon so stars were out in force. Jupiter and it's moons were visible at dusk to the west and Venus to the east in the morning. The last 2 days, the seas were flat with gentle rollers. We motored about 90% of the way. Visited by 2 schools of hundreds of dolphins who rode the bow wave. A grey or blue swam right under the boat then with us for a few seconds. Sailed toward whale tail sign for 5 minutes - tail sticking straight up and slapping on the water. When we got close, it dove. Loree and Evan swam after the boat with a tow. Great company and good food.
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